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Disk icon.png Techniques are magic-based attacks that can only be used by humans and newmans. Unlike normal attacks, they are based off the MST stat, and are checked against the target's resistances, rather than their DFP. Techniques cannot miss (with the exception of Megid), but they also cannot deal critical hits.

List of Techniques

Simple Techniques


Foie.png Foie fires a single fireball in a straight line.


Zonde.png Zonde attacks a single enemy with a thunderbolt.


Barta.png Barta fires a trail of ice amongst the floor that travels in a straight line, piercing enemies.

Normal Techniques


Gifoie.png Gifoie casts a ring of fireballs that circle around a point for a set time.


Gizonde.png Gizonde fires a bolt that travels from enemy to enemy in front of the user.


Gibarta.png Gibarta fires an ice cone in front of the user.

Hard Techniques


Rafoie.png Rafoie casts an explosion on an enemy that affects enemies in around it within a certain range.


Razonde.png Razonde casts a 360 degree thunderbolt around the user.


Rabarta.png Rabarta fires ice shards in a 360 degree attack around the user.


Grants.png Grants casts a very powerful single-target light beam on an enemy.


Megid.png Megid fires a purple projectile that has a chance to kill enemies in one hit.

Healing Techniques


Resta.png Heals the user. From level 2 onwards, can also heal other players. All Resta has the same range.


Anti.png Cures the user of certain status ailments depending on level. From level 2 onwards, can also cure other players.


Reverser.png Revives a dead player.

Support Techniques


Shifta.png Improves the ATP of the user. From level 2 onwards, can also affect other players.


Deband.png Improves the DFP of the user. From level 2 onwards, can also affect other players.


Jellen.png Reduces the ATP of the target. From level 2 onwards, can affect multiple targets.


Zalure.png Reduces the DFP of the target. From level 2 onwards, can affect multiple targets.


Ryuker.png Casts a telepipe.

Technical Data

Damage Formula

  • Damage = round(((TechPower + MST) * 0.2 * (1 + Boosts) * (100 - Resistance) / 100), 1) = round(((TechPower + MST) * (100 - Resistance) * (1 + Boosts) * 0.002), 1)

Healing Formula

  • HP Restored = 50 + 5*(Tech Level - 1) + (MST/2)

Casting Animation

The technique casting animation is made up of several parts:

  1. Movement from neutral to charge
  2. The actual charge (instant for many)
  3. The movement from charge to cast
  4. The "cooling" period after casting (notably the least for gizonde, and the most for gifoie)
  5. Moving back to neutral

V801 reduces the time taken by parts 2 and 3. Male barehanded casting only decreases part 3, and by 4 frames, regardless of technique level or type.