Endless: Episode 1

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Quest icon.png Endless: Episode 1
Episode 1
Category: VR
Reward: ??? Meseta
Info: A new VR simulation designed to test a team's limits!
Author: Alisaryn
Languages: English
Total XP

??? ??? ??? ???

??? ??? ??? ???

Test the new simulator to see how high you can get your score!
- Quest description

Room Objectives

Each room of the quest has one of four objectives, chosen randomly for non-boss areas:

  • Avoid taking damage.
  • Avoid healing.
  • Avoid death.
  • Avoid losing meseta.

Time and points added per area is based on the number of penalties the party receives for the current objective.

Boss rooms each have their own static objective, which are the following:

  • Dragon: Avoid taking damage.
  • De Rol Le: Avoid healing.
  • Dark Falz: Avoid death.

The quest ends after 20 total areas, or 21 if Falz is reached (mentioned in the Additional Area section.)

Quest Progress

On Ultimate only, the timer and point progress of this quest is saved between runs as long as the party is able to complete it within the time limit. Progress is reset if the timer reaches zero, or if the Quest Board option is used (mentioned in the Quest Board section below.)

If more than one player is present, Momoka will ask for one player to talk to the FOnewearl standing next to her in order to sync that player's progress across the entire party and begin the quest.

Quest Board

The Quest Board (Item Pack -> Quest Board) has some optional uses in this quest, allowing the player to:

  • Check their current points.
  • Check the current room's objective.
  • Check the number of objective penalties for the current room.
  • Reset quest progress, and return to the lobby (Ultimate only.)

Invincibility Blessing

Each non-boss room has a small chance of granting invincibility to the party for a variable amount of time. The duration of this is based on how fast the previous room was cleared.

Additional Area

If the party manages to reach the end of the quest with three or less overall penalties, Dark Falz (with the "Avoid death" objective) is given as an additional area. This area does not subtract from the timer, and gives a higher than usual amount of points for completion.

Enemy Counts

Forest 1
Enemy Count
Rag Rappy 2
Barbarous Wolf 2
Savage Wolf 15
Gobooma 6
Booma 35
Gigobooma 7
Forest 2
Enemy Count
Hildebear 7
Rag Rappy 17
Barbarous Wolf 5
Savage Wolf 11
Booma 6
Gobooma 20
Gigobooma 13
Caves 1
Enemy Count
Nano Dragon 6
Guil Shark 8
Pal Shark 8
Evil Shark 33
Poison Lily 11
Grass Assassin 3
Caves 2
Enemy Count
Grass Assassin 7
Poison Lily 10
Guil Shark 10
Pal Shark 31
Evil Shark 19
Nano Dragon 4
Pofuilly Slime 2
Caves 3
Enemy Count
Poison Lily 8
Guil Shark 12
Pal Shark 22
Evil Shark 23
Pofuilly Slime 2
Nano Dragon 3
Mines 1
Enemy Count
Gillchic 50
Sinow Beat 6
Canadine 21
Sinow Gold 3
Canane 1
Mines 2
Enemy Count
Gillchic 32
Dubchic 13
Garanz 3
Sinow Beat 10
Canadine 19
Dubwitch 3
Ruins 1
Enemy Count
Delsaber 9
Chaos Sorcerer 7
Dimenian 28
So Dimenian 2
La Dimenian 13
Claw 27
Dark Belra 5
Bulclaw 2
Ruins 2
Enemy Count
La Dimenian 24
So Dimenian 1
Dimenian 10
Delsaber 9
Dark Gunner 8
Claw 21
Chaos Bringer 1
Bulclaw 1
Ruins 3
Enemy Count
Chaos Sorcerer 5
Dimenian 27
Bulclaw 1
Claw 19
Dark Gunner 12
Dark Belra 7
Chaos Bringer 1
So Dimenian 3
La Dimenian 5
Enemy Count
Dragon 1
De Rol Le 1
Dark Falz 1
Box Type Count Box Type Count Box Type Count Box Type Count Box Type Count Box Type Count Box Type Count Box Type Count Box Type Count Box Type Count Box Type Count Box Type Count Box Type Count
Forest 1 Forest 2 Caves 1 Caves 2 Caves 3 Mines 1 Mines 2 Ruins 1 Ruins 2 Ruins 3 Under the Dome Underground Channel ????
Box 20 Box 10 Box 21 Box 4 Box 4 Box 6 Box 8 Box 5 Box 12 Box 6 Box 14 Box 9 Box 24