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|{{{1}}} |{{{2}}}


{{DropRow|id=|idspan=|diff=|diffspan=|enemy|drop rate}}

This template comes after uses of {{DropTableHead}}, and its last use in a page must be followed by |} to end the drop table. The id argument is the section ID for the row - don't specify this if you're making a row whose section ID is spanned by another row. The idspan argument determines how many rows the ID you select will extend for - again, don't specify this if you're making a spanned row. If the ID only applies to the current row and none below it, don't bother specifying idspan - its value is 1 if you leave it blank. diff and diffspan work identically to id and idspan. The last two arguments, in order, are the enemy (or box) that drops the item and the rate the item drops at.