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|[[{{{1}}}]] |{{{2}}}

Usage[edit source]

{{DropRow|id=|idspan=|diff=|diffspan=|nolink=|enemy|drop rate}}

This template comes after uses of {{DropTableHead}}, and its last use in a page must be followed by |} to end the drop table. The id argument is the section ID for the row - don't specify this if you're making a row whose section ID is spanned by another row. The idspan argument determines how many rows the ID you select will extend for - again, don't specify this if you're making a spanned row. If the ID only applies to the current row and none below it, don't bother specifying idspan - its value is 1 if you leave it blank. diff and diffspan work identically to id and idspan. If any value for nolink is specified, the row will display the enemy/area name in plain text, not as a link. The last two arguments, in order, are the enemy (or box) that drops the item and the rate the item drops at.