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In the world of Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst, each of the twelve character types is one of three species: Human, Newman, or Android. With a profession of either Hunter, Ranger, or Force. While members of each profession start out with the same equipment, the attributes of each character vary according to their species.

Species[edit | edit source]

Humans - Balanced race, with strong potential in power, accuracy, and techniques. Humans are unable to naturally regenerate HP or TP, and cannot use traps.

Newmans - Genetically modified race evolved from humans. Newmans excel at casting techniques rather than engaging in melee or ranged combat. They naturally regenerate TP, but only while standing still.

Androids - Unable to use techniques, but can use traps. They are immune to Poison and Paralysis status effects. In Ultimate difficulty, Androids receive a 30% bonus to Blizzard, Arrest, Chaos, and King's series weapons. Devil's and Demon's weapons reduce enemy HP by 25% and 45% respectively, instead of by 50% and 75%. They naturally regenerate HP, but only while standing still.

Professions[edit | edit source]

Hunters[edit | edit source]

Proficient with bladed weapons and excel in close-range combat.

HUmar (Hunter/Human/Male) – Excels in close-range combat. Has the most balanced growth potential. Has some recovery and attack techniques.

HUnewearl (Hunter/Newman/Female) – Has very strong techniques as well as being adept at close range combat. Has the lowest HP of the Hunter class.

HUcast (Hunter/Android/Male) - Expert at close-range combat, HUcasts have the strongest attack power potential of any class.

HUcaseal (Hunter/Android/Female) - Close-combat expert with excellent reflexes that give her high accuracy and evasion.

Rangers[edit | edit source]

Proficient with guns, Rangers have excellent accuracy that allow them to hit from a distance, but lack Hunters' attack power.

RAmar (Ranger/Human/Male) – Excels in ranged combat. Has the most balanced set of abilities, and the highest accuracy potential. Has some recovery and attack techniques.

RAmarl (Ranger/Human/Female) – Has low HP, but their high mental strength compensates for it by providing strong attack techniques to support them in ranged combat.

RAcast (Ranger/Android/Male) – Has the greatest attack power potential of the Ranger classes.

RAcaseal (Ranger/Android/Female) – RAcaseals have the greatest defensive power potential of any class.

Forces[edit | edit source]

Proficient with techniques, Forces are excellent as support. Their powerful abilities make up for their low HP.

FOmar (Force/Human/Male) – With low defensive power and low HP, FOmars are challenging to use. Their combination of techniques and quickness in combat make them unique.

FOmarl (Force/Human/Female) – Besides excelling in support techniques, FOmarls are competent with weapons. This gives them a more balanced growth potential.

FOnewm (Force/Newman/Male) – Well-balanced, and excels in numerous techniques. They distinguish themselves with their powerful attack techniques.

FOnewearl (Force/Newman/Female) – Has limited combat skills, but excel in both attack and support techniques. They have the highest mental strength/TP potential of any class.