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FOmarl is a human Force with the highest defensive stats of all the Forces and range increases to almost all of the support techniques. She has the second highest ATP of all the Forces; however, she has the lowest MST of the Forces, along with only a single technique power boost: Grants.pngGrants.

FOmarl has unique animations for all of her attacks, which are generally worse than other classes; however, she has extremely good shot and slicer animations, making weapons such as Gun icon.pngRambling May, Sword icon.pngSlicer of Fanatic, and Sword icon.pngDiska of Braveman powerful choices on her for damage outside of techniques. While she isn't as powerful as FOmar for melee, access to Rambling May and Sword icon.pngVivienne makes her a lot easier to play, as she doesn't have to rely on special attacks as often as FOmar does, meaning her low ATA is not quite as much of a problem as it is on FOmar.

In a supportive role, FOmarl is an ideal choice, as her extra defense and increased range with exclusive weapons means she can support a party much easier than the other Forces. However, her Resta.pngResta power is not as powerful as FOnewearl due to her low MST.

Pros and cons[edit | edit source]


  • High support ranges - Can easily cast Shifta.pngShifta, Deband.pngDeband, Resta.pngResta, and Anti.pngAnti on others due to her high ranges and access to range increasers such as Sword icon.pngTyrell's Parasol
  • Exclusive weapons - Gun icon.pngLast Swan, Gun icon.pngRambling May, and Sword icon.pngVivienne are all powerful choices on FOmarl that make her physical damage options require much less investment than other Forces
  • Extremely powerful solo - As FOmarl is a Force, she is very powerful when playing alone in Episodes 1 and 4


  • Weakest techniques - FOmarl has no significant attack technique boosts, and with only 1284 MST, will not be as powerful as other Forces for nuking.
  • Low ATA - With only 170 ATA, FOmarl can struggle hitting with certain weapons, and does not have access to weapons such as Gun icon.pngES Mechgun.

Section ID choice[edit | edit source]

Note that the section ID choices below are merely suggestions, and are not required choices for playing FOmarl. All IDs have tangible benefits, leaving ID selection up to player preference. Below are a few recommended IDs for FOmarl depending on what type of item coverage is preferred.

Finding items for FOmarl[edit | edit source]

Pinkal icon.pngPinkal

Pinkal is a staple for FOmarl, as it finds many core Force items in the early game, such as Cane icon.pngFire Scepter: Agni, Cane icon.pngIce Staff: Dagon, and Cane icon.pngStorm Wand: Indra, along with boosted rates to all amplifiers. Once reaching Ultimate, Pinkal offers useful Force items such as Sword icon.pngVivienne, Gun icon.pngRambling May, Sword icon.pngSlicer of Fanatic, Unit icon.pngV801, Unit icon.pngLimiter, Cane icon.pngGuardianna, Sword icon.pngLame d'Argent, and Sword icon.pngDiska of Braveman.

Finding items that FOmarl hunts well[edit | edit source]

Greenill icon.pngGreenill

Forces are masters of Episode 4, and Greenill has a very powerful Episode 4 with items such as Unit icon.pngV101, Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker, and Gun icon.pngCannon Rouge. Greenill has decent Ruins drops as well, finding both Shield icon.pngRed Ring and Sword icon.pngMonkey King Bar.

Redria icon.pngRedria

Like Greenill icon.pngGreenill, Redria finds Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker and Gun icon.pngCannon Rouge in Episode 4. Redria also has good Ruins drops, finding both Shield icon.pngRed Ring and Sword icon.pngDiska of Braveman.

General good ID[edit | edit source]

Whitill icon.pngWhitill

Whitill is a powerful ID that gets many coveted and valued items in almost every area in the game. Whitill is the most unrestrictive ID, giving players the freedom to play any content and still have the chance of scoring something big, in contrast to more restrictive IDs such as Bluefull icon.pngBluefull, which focus players into certain areas. Whitill finds many good items such as Unit icon.pngV502, Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker, Sword icon.pngDiska of Braveman, Gun icon.pngFrozen Shooter, Sword icon.pngSlicer of Fanatic, and more!

Material and Mag plans[edit | edit source]

Important Stats Only - Maxes important stats as early as possible. Recommended for levelling.
Min-Max - Maxes as many character specific stats as possible by level 200 using the minimum number of slot units. Recommended at level 200.
Max Stats - Attempts to max all stats at level 200. Ignores any sort of equipment efficiency. Not recommended.

Plan Mag Units Shield Materials
Power Def Mind Evade Luck Unused
Important Stats Only 5/68+/48+/0 Unit icon.pngV101, Unit icon.pngV801 Shield icon.pngRed Ring - - 212 - 38 -
Min-Max 5/68/48/79 Unit icon.pngV101, Unit icon.pngV801 Shield icon.pngRed Ring - 71 86 38 38 17

Equipment progression[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Recommended endgame equipment[edit | edit source]






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