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RAmar is a human Ranger who has the highest ATA in the game, along with the second highest ATP of the Rangers. Paired with access to basic support techniques, including level 15 Shifta.pngShifta and Deband.pngDeband, this makes him a very powerful option in every situation. The versatility of the Ranger arsenal allows him to provide wide-range area-of-effect with good damage and some of the best crowd control outside of android-exclusive traps. He is largely believed to be the best solo class, even better than HUcast in most situations, while still able to hold his own in multiplayer parties regardless of scenario.

In comparison to RAmarl, he is stronger in all situations, but the lack of Jellen.pngJellen and extremely weak, slow Resta.pngResta means that mistakes and dangerous situations are more punishing if the player is unable to control the enemies properly. While he can support the party with Shifta.pngShifta and Deband.pngDeband, those are the extent of his supporting abilities, making RAmarl much more useful in a party which would benefit from a supporting role.

Pros and cons[edit | edit source]


  • Highest ATA in the game - RAmar's high ATA allows him to hit Extra Attack.pngspecial attacks more often than any other class, giving him extremely good crowd control and ability to use sacrificial specials very well
  • Extremely powerful solo - With the Ranger arsenal, RAmar's ATP, and access to Shifta.pngShifta, RAmar is a top-tier solo class
  • Very powerful in multiplayer - Regardless of if there is a supporting class or not, RAmar can fit into any party as a top damage dealer
  • Ranger arsenal - With options such as Gun icon.pngFrozen Shooter, Gun icon.pngES Needle, Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker, and sacrificial Gun icon.pngArms, Rangers have options for every situation


  • Weak early game - RAmar has less HP and ATP than all the other Rangers early on, and takes some time to grow into his strengths

Section ID choice[edit | edit source]

Note that the section ID choices below are merely suggestions, and are not required choices for playing RAmar. All IDs have tangible benefits, leaving ID selection up to player preference. Below are a few recommended IDs for RAmar depending on what type of item coverage is preferred.

Finding items for RAmar[edit | edit source]

Greenill icon.pngGreenill

Greenill has access to many core Ranger items – namely Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker, Gun icon.pngFrozen Shooter, Gun icon.pngCannon Rouge, and Unit icon.pngV502. Greenill also has access to Unit icon.pngV101 and Shield icon.pngRed Ring, important items that are excellent hunts for any class.

Purplenum icon.pngPurplenum

Purplenum also receives many items that are excellent hunts for any Ranger. Like Greenill icon.pngGreenill, it gets Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker, Gun icon.pngFrozen Shooter, and Unit icon.pngV502; Purplenum also has several good Gun icon.pngM&A60 Vise drops and an increased chance of finding common mechguns, giving it the best chance at acquiring sacrificial Gun icon.pngVulcans with high Hit.

Finding items that RAmar hunts well[edit | edit source]

Bluefull icon.pngBluefull

Rangers are incredibly good everywhere, but especially in Episode 2, where Bluefull has a very powerful Seabed, which includes Sword icon.pngYunchang, Sword icon.pngZanba, Cane icon.pngPsycho Wand, and Tool icon.pngParasitic Gene "Flow". On top of this, Bluefull can hunt Unit icon.pngLimiter very well from Astarks, which is an easy hunt for Rangers as well. Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker also makes an appearance in Episode 1 from Del-Ds.

Skyly icon.pngSkyly

Similarly to Bluefull icon.pngBluefull, Skyly has many good items and hunts in Episode 2, where Ranger shines in comparison to other classes. While Skyly is usually thought of as a Hunter ID, Rangers will have an easier time hunting many of the core Skyly items, which include Gun icon.pngHeaven Punisher, Sword icon.pngSealed J-Sword, Sword icon.pngMonkey King Bar, Sword icon.pngVivienne, Sword icon.pngDaylight Scar, and Sword icon.pngGuren. On top of this, Sword icon.pngLame d'Argent can be found from Dorphons, which is a very useful item for all classes, but especially Rangers.

General good ID[edit | edit source]

Whitill icon.pngWhitill

Whitill is a powerful ID that gets many coveted and valued items in almost every area in the game. Whitill is the most unrestrictive ID, giving players the freedom to play any content and still have the chance of scoring something big, in contrast to more restrictive IDs such as Bluefull icon.pngBluefull, which focus players into certain areas. Whitill finds many good items such as Unit icon.pngV502, Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker, Sword icon.pngDiska of Braveman, Gun icon.pngFrozen Shooter, Sword icon.pngSlicer of Fanatic, and more!

Material and Mag plans[edit | edit source]

Important Stats Only - Maxes important stats as early as possible. Recommended for leveling.
Min-Max - Maxes as many character specific stats as possible by level 200 using the minimum number of slot units. Recommended at level 200.

Plan Mag Units Shield Materials
Power Def Mind Evade Luck
Important Stats Only 5/160/35/0 Unit icon.pngV101 Shield icon.pngRed Ring 222 - - - 28
Min-Max[1] 5/160/35/0 Unit icon.pngV101 Shield icon.pngRed Ring 60 68 63 31 28
Min-Max[2] 5/145/35/15 Unit icon.pngV101 Shield icon.pngRed Ring 75 68 48 31 28
  1. This plan maxes all stats, negating the need for a separate max stats plan; however, it requires third-evolution or celled Mags.
  2. This plan maxes all stats, negating the need for a separate max stats plan, while still allowing for most fourth-evolution Mags.

Equipment progression[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Recommended endgame equipment[edit | edit source]



  • 5 Targets: Gun icon.pngArms (Charge, Berserk, Spirit), Gun icon.pngES Needle (Berserk, Spirit)


  • 5 Targets: Gun icon.pngES Needle (Arrest, Hell, Demon's, Zalure), Gun icon.pngES Shot (Arrest, Hell, Demon's, Zalure),

Special Purpose