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HUcast is an android Hunter with the highest ATP in the game. His combination of high ATP, freeze traps, and access to hunter weapons makes him capable of dealing huge DPS in any situation.

Pros and cons[edit | edit source]

HUcast is a master of close range damage. If positioned well he can deal the most damage of any class in the game in most situations. His access to traps and boosted arrest makes him among the most capable at crowd control, as well.

In many situations it is optimal to play HUcast at less than 12.5% HP in order to enable Dark Flow's special. This can be a pro or can be a con depending on personal preference, and is not a mandatory part of playing the class.


  • Highest ATP - large combo kill potential
  • Access to traps - the most powerful crowd control tool in the game
  • Hunter arsenal - with options such as Dark Flow, Vjaya, Diska of Braveman, and L&K38 Combat hunters have some of the most efficient answers when prepared for a spawn
  • Good at both solo and multiplayer. Level 3 shifta is enough to give HUcast the highest solo ATP


  • Lower ATA - while mostly compensated for by freeze and arrest, HUcast can struggle with lower hit gear
  • Limited effective range - HU's arsenal is much less effective if they are not positioned for a spawn

Section ID choice[edit | edit source]

As HUcast, any ID is a good choice, as HUcast is an optimal damage dealer in any area. Below are some recommendations for HUcast, but there are no wrong choices if you want another ID to hunt a specific item. Please note that not all good drops are listed under notable drops, there are still many more items worth hunting on each ID.

ID Notable drops Description
Viridia icon.png L&K38 Combat, Heavenly/Battle, V101, Swordsman Lore, Red Ring, Smartlink, Heavenly/Power, Parasitic Gene "Flow", Lame d'Argent, Limiter Viridia has access to a large number of essential hunter units/weapons, along with strong L&K and Lame hunts.
Skyly icon.png Swordsman Lore, Daylight Scar, Guren, Sealed J-Sword A strong ID for late game areas due to good hunts in Ruins and Tower along with boosted chance for Caliburs.

Material Plans[edit | edit source]

Important Stats Only - Maxes important stats as early as possible. Recommended for levelling.

Min-Max - Maxes as many character specific stats as possible by level 200 using the minimum number of slot units. Recommended at level 200.

Max Stats - Attempts to max all stats at level 200. Ignores any sort of equipment efficiency. Not recommended.

Mag Units Shield Materials
Power Def Evade Luck Unused
Important Stats Only 5/133/62/0 V101 Red Ring 122 - - 28 -
Min-Max 106 16 28
Important Stats Only* - 112 - 38
Min-Max* 106 6 38
Max Stats 5/139/56/0 V101, Centurion/Ability Red Ring 85 25 15 13 12
Important Stats Only (-3 ATP) 5/130/65/0 - 115 - - 35 -

The ISO* and Min-Max* plans disregard Red Ring as a means of maxing the LCK stat, allowing for swaps to other barriers such as Kasami Bracer without losing out on crit chance.

HUcast has no Max Stats plan without a V101; it would still require two units, so it's better to use a plan that includes V101 to allow for more equipment usage.

Equipment progression[edit | edit source]