Episode 2: Stage 5/Guide

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This stage is broken down into two areas, one for ascending the tower (1F - 10F) and one for descending it (9F - 1F). Each floor essentially has the same layout and the only requisite to proceed on each floor is clearing enemies, so maps are not included.

The experience gained in this stage is significantly multiplied, causing players to level up very quickly, so keep an eye on your experience and be liberal with traps and techniques, especially when you're close to leveling up.

Area 28[edit | edit source]

1F - Skip

2F - Clear

3F - Clear Gi-Gues

4F - Clear Recoboxes

5F - Clear

6F - Clear

7F - Clear Del Lily

8F - Clear

9F - Clear Ill Gills

10F - Clear

Area 29[edit | edit source]

9F - Clear

8F - Clear

7F - Clear Del Lilies

6F - Clear Gi-Gues

5F - Clear

4F - Clear

3F - Skip

2F - Clear

1F - Clear Epsilon