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Prices fluctuate depending on supply and demand, so this article should be used as a reference only.

Price guide info and notes[edit | edit source]

Guidelines for editing[edit | edit source]

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  • Follow the same format for the entire thread.
  • Try to refrain from too much writing within tables, reserving the space for prices if possible.
  • For information on pricing accordingly, see price information below.
  • Any new items added should be added to the appropriate table, in alphabetical order (other than item sorting that makes sense non-alphabetically, such as grinders).
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Guide notes[edit | edit source]

  • This price guide serves to give players up-to-date information regarding the prices of various items on the market. This price guide can be edited freely by anyone.
    • Note that all prices are estimates--they are not fixed values, and every player is within their rights to buy or sell items for more or less than any value listed here.
  • Many sections will have specific bullet notes for that section (e.g. directly below for common weapons)--be sure to read all of the relevant information to make the most informed decisions on trades.
  • This Guide contains a lot of information about items and their respective prices, but it is all information is visible by default, so you may wish to use the "find" function (CTRL+F on Windows) to find what you are after.
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Price information[edit | edit source]

  • All items are listed with their respective prices in Tool icon.pngPhoton Drops.
    • Items worth less than 1 PD are listed as a decimal (e.g. 0.5).
    • Items deemed worthless are listed as 0.
    • An item listed as "Inestimable" is an item that is difficult or impossible to affix a value to.
      • It is most often recommended to auction these items rather than trying to sell them for a fixed amount.
    • "N/A" stands for not applicable, which means a specified item cannot have these percents.
  • Note that while the prices listed here are based on what people will buy or sell at, general supply and demand can make certain items more or less difficult to buy or sell than others.
  • It is not possible to account for every permutation of every item in this guide; it is up to every individual player to make an informed judgement on the price of the item they wish to buy or sell.
    • For example, certain statistics, such as weapon attributes, will affect the price without being listed here.
  • If a combination weapon directs you to its constituent items, be aware that the total value of the items will usually drop once they're combined.
    • If the prices of these vary too much, they'll be listed separately.
  • Note that anything with high Hit can be worth auctioning or selling, even if it is not a "useful" item/special or listed as having no value, as there are many collectors who can and will pay for it.
  • Some items may have a huge variance starting with 0 or 1; this is because collectors have been known to pay more for items that are not necessarily useful or otherwise sought-after.
    • It's usually better to assume the low end on these items, as the majority of people won't be paying for them, but as stated above auctioning for collectors might earn you something!
  • If an item has no listed value and you wish to purchase it for yourself, the most common practice is to offer 1 PD or an equivalent amount of Meseta.
  • Prices are not set in stone and fluctuate with the market; asking in #trading in the Ephinea Discord or searching the Ephinea Forums can also help you determine a price.

Common weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Values of lower weapon tiers can be found by comparing to the Event Commons.
  • Common charge weapons with less than 50 Hit have no worth, as these can be bought from the Arms Shop.
  • If a special is not listed for a common, it can be assumed that it has no value unless it is usable as a combination item or has high hit (80+), in which case it may be of interest to collectors.
  • "Elemental" refers to the fire damage and lightning damage special attacks. These items have some value due to interest in the elemental damage glitch being used on some bosses.

Melee commons[edit | edit source]

  • Slicer-type weapons (such as Diska) are considered to be Melee weapons for their in-game icons (Sword icon.png) and for their ATP requirements, despite behaving akin to Ranged weapons (including being affected by Unit icon.pngSmartlink).

Ranged commons[edit | edit source]

Technique commons[edit | edit source]

  • While FO commons typically have very little usage outside of their small stat increases or for combinations, some can be useful with certain specials and high enough hit to melee enemies with.

Combination commons[edit | edit source]

  • The common Weapon Types listed include all of their respective common type (e.g. "Swords" refers to Sword, Gigush, Breaker, Claymore, and Calibur).
  • The "RL" column refers to Quest icon.pngThe Restless Lion, an Episode 4 quest in which weapons can be obtained from defeated NPC enemies. These weapons come with up to 50% in three attributes (including Hit).
    • Note that 55-65 Hit in the Swords & Shots categories with low stats are worth the prices listed due to players prioritizing having the extra attributes from Restless Lion weapons more than the relatively lower gain in Hit from non-Restless Lion weapons.
      • If the other non-Hit attributes are within the range of Restless Lion equivalents, that price can be added onto the total.
      • For other attributes, the priority is generally Dark > Machine > Native > A.Beast.
  • Common Technique weapons are generally worthless fodder for making rare weapons (e.g. Cane icon.pngSummit Moon and Cane icon.pngMagical Piece); if the requisite weapons for these have high Hit, they can often be sold for 0.5 PD or less in Meseta. High Hit and a useful special on one of these weapons may give it additional value.
Weapon Type Special Hit Amount
50% RL 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100%
Swords N/A 0 2-8 1 5-10 10-30 100-300 300-500 800-1500 - 2000-5000 - 3600-9000
Slicers 0.5 1 2-4 10 15-20 30-100 100 120-240
Handguns 0 1 2-5 - - 25-100
Shots 0 2-5 0 1-5 10-20 - 50-100
Wands 0.5 1 - - 1-8 - - 50-125
Canes 0.5 1-5 10-30
Rods 0.5 1-30 - 1-100

Claire's Deal 5 commons[edit | edit source]

  • As these items are used as trade-in requirements in Quest icon.pngClaire's Deal 5 (and consumed in the process), attributes are considered irrelevant.
  • Items with a special marked in italics are more valuable, as the required tier of special cannot be purchased from the Arms Shop.
Weapon Type Special Price
Saber Shock 1
Sword Ice 1
Edge Soul 3-5
Halbert Riot 1
Cutter Flame 3-5
Autogun Master's 1
Sniper Shadow 1
Beam Devil's 3-5
Launcher Seize 3-5
Wand Heart 1
Mace Draw 1
Striker King's 3-5

Event commons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Type Special Hit Price
Handgun Arrest 65 5
Hell 65 8-10
Autogun Arrest 65 10-15
Hell 65 30-50
Lockgun Arrest 65 10-15
Hell 65 30-50
Rifle Demon's 70 2-5
Hell 70 10-15
Sniper Demon's 70 2-5
Hell 65 10-15
Blaster Demon's 65 2-5
Hell 65 10-20
Mechgun Charge 70 50-75
Assault Charge 65 10-20
Repeater Charge 65 100-130
Shot Charge 65 5-10
Spread Charge 65 5-10

Rare weapons[edit | edit source]

  • The "High Attribute Value" column is reserved for weapons with attribute percentages over 50%. Even without Hit, some weapons can significantly benefit from these high attributes.
    • N, AB, M, and D refer to the Native, A.Beast, Machine, and Dark attributes, respectively.
    • This often causes prices of weapons to increase in value regardless of the weapon's Hit.
  • Weapons with 5-10 Hit are are not listed; these weapons are generally only obtained as a result of incorrectly tekking a weapon.
    • They are mostly worth the same as an equivalent weapon with 0 Hit; some exceptions could be particularly strong weapons, like a 10 Hit Sword icon.pngExcalibur or Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker, but even then, the difference would be negligible.
      • The only exceptions to this are enemy part weapons (which can have 10 Hit without being mis-tekked)--the values of these are generally 1 PD more than the price given for a 0 Hit version of the same weapon, as a result of requiring 1 Tool icon.pngPhoton Crystal to add the 10 Hit.
  • Some players like to collect weapons with -5 Hit for novelty purposes. These can be obtained by deliberately tekking a 5 Hit weapon down.
    • Before considering this, double-check whether the item is of worth before tekking it, as some weapons will have considerable worth at 15 Hit.
  • Some items require unsealing. This service can be paid for, and those prices are listed toward the end of this guide.

Melee weapons[edit | edit source]

Sabers[edit | edit source]

Swords[edit | edit source]

Daggers[edit | edit source]

Partisans[edit | edit source]

Slicers[edit | edit source]

Double Sabers[edit | edit source]

Claws[edit | edit source]

Katanas[edit | edit source]

Twin Swords[edit | edit source]

Fists[edit | edit source]

Ranged weapons[edit | edit source]

Handguns[edit | edit source]

Rifles[edit | edit source]

Mechguns[edit | edit source]

Shots[edit | edit source]

Launchers[edit | edit source]

Bazookas[edit | edit source]

Technique weapons[edit | edit source]

Canes[edit | edit source]

  • While most/all of these weapons have no use with Hit, some players still enjoy paying more for collection or novelty purposes.

Rods[edit | edit source]

  • While most/all of these weapons have no use with Hit, some players still enjoy paying more for collection or novelty purposes.

Wands[edit | edit source]

  • While most/all of these weapons have no use with Hit, some players still enjoy paying more for collection or novelty purposes.

Cards[edit | edit source]

  • Card-type weapons (such as Cane icon.pngTalis) are considered to be Technique weapons for their in-game icons (Cane icon.png) and for their MST requirements, despite behaving akin to Ranged weapons (including being affected by Unit icon.pngSmartlink).

ES weapons[edit | edit source]

  • ES weapons are obtained from completing Challenge mode, which requires several hours of coordinated group play, making them high value to start with.
    • The type of ES weapons offered as a reward is based on which episode of challenge mode is completed. Episode one challenge generally takes longer to complete, which is reflected in higher prices.
  • Many players will play challenge mode for the purpose of obtaining ES weapons to sell, or to enjoy the game mode on its own, selling the weapons as an added bonus.
  • ES weapons can have custom names, but will typically be named after a special that is intended to be added (e.g. "Gun icon.pngHELL NEEDLE"). This serves to indicate and distinguish it from other identical ES weapons more easily in a player's inventory (as opposed to more personalized names, which would not).
    • This does not mean that the ES Needle in question necessarily has a Hell special, as ES weapons are initially obtained and then named with no special at all.
      • ES weapon prices typically reflect this; for example, a "Hell Needle" without a special would cost around the base price, whereas a "Hell Needle" with the special would cost the base price plus 50 PDs, as it costs 50 PDs to add the Hell special to an ES weapon.
        • See the specials table below for the value of PDs each specific special will add to the base price of a weapon.
  • When an ES weapon isn't named after its special (ES weapons can have any custom name added), it may decrease its value.
    • ES weapons requested with custom names used to cost an additional 5 PDs to reflect this, but this has not been the case for some time, as a request for a custom name typically comes with the intention to purchase the weapon as long as the weapon is named correctly, which guarantees the sale.
  • Players will often buy or sell ES weapons with specials added for 5-10 more or less PDs to facilitate faster sales.
    • Challenge mode often sees a decrease in activity during events as well, which can result in prices increasing as much as 5-10 more PDs.
Weapon Price Weapon Price
Episode 1 Weapons Episode 2 Weapons

Sword icon.pngES Blade
Cane icon.pngES Cane
Sword icon.pngES Claw
Gun icon.pngES Gun
Gun icon.pngES Mechgun
Sword icon.pngES Partisan
Gun icon.pngES Rifle
Cane icon.pngES Rod
Sword icon.pngES Saber
Gun icon.pngES Shot
Sword icon.pngES Slicer
Sword icon.pngES Sword
Sword icon.pngES Twin
Cane icon.pngES Wand


Sword icon.pngES Axe
Gun icon.pngES Bazooka
Cane icon.pngES Cards
Sword icon.pngES Harisen
Sword icon.pngES Hammer
Sword icon.pngES J-Cutter
Sword icon.pngES Katana
Sword icon.pngES Knuckle
Gun icon.pngES Launcher
Cane icon.pngES Moon
Gun icon.pngES Needle
Gun icon.pngES Psychogun
Sword icon.pngES Punch
Sword icon.pngES Scythe
Sword icon.pngES Swords
Cane icon.pngES Windmill

Weapon Price Weapon Price

Specials[edit | edit source]

  • These specials may be added to the above ES weapons in Quest icon.pngGallon's Shop.
  • These specials are not all useful; it's recommended to research the specific ES weapon the special is being applied to.
Special Rank Specials Offered Photon Drops
D-Rank HP Revival*, TP Revival* 20
C-Rank Blizzard, Burning, Tempest 30
B-Rank Berserk, Chaos, Geist, Gush, King's, Spirit 40
A-Rank Arrest, Demon's, Hell 50
S-Rank Jellen.pngJellen (Lv. 21), Zalure.pngZalure (Lv. 21) 60
* Note: HP Revival and TP Revival refer to passive recovery over time, similar to the Unit icon.pngHP/Revival and Unit icon.pngTP/Revival units.

TypeM weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Many TypeM weapons with fixed specials and Hit amounts are available from various Ephinea events. See the TypeM weapons page for more information.

Frames[edit | edit source]

1-3 slots 4 slots
Common frames 0 0.5-1
Common armors 0 0.5-1

Rare frames[edit | edit source]

  • Note that most frames with maximum stats will sell relatively high due to collectors.
  • Slots don't often impact the price of rare frames, as four Tool icon.pngAddSlots would only cost 2 PDs.
  • In the case of Frame icon.pngStink Frame, anything below stats of [50/85] DFP and [20/85] EVP is valued at 0, while one above these stats is valued anywhere in the 3-5 range.
    • This is due to these stats being the minimum required to turn a Stink Frame into a max-stat Frame icon.pngVirus Armor: Lafuteria.

Offensive frames[edit | edit source]

Technique frames[edit | edit source]

Barriers[edit | edit source]

Item Name Price
Common Barriers 0
Common Shields 0

Rare barriers[edit | edit source]

  • Note that most frames with maximum stats will sell relatively high due to collectors.
  • Unlike most other frames and barriers, the value of Shield icon.pngRico's Earring is mostly based on its EVP rather than its DFP.
    • This is because it has more EVP than any other shield in the game, which makes it useful for boosting the damage of Estlla.pngEstlla.
  • "High Stat" for Shield icon.pngStink Shield is [70/75] DFP and [70/75] EVP for both Shield icon.pngDe Rol Le Shield (if used with a Tool icon.pngDe Rol Le Shell), or Shield icon.pngEpsiguard (if used with a Tool icon.pngCladding of Epsilon).

Offensive barriers[edit | edit source]

Technique merges[edit | edit source]

  • Technique merge prices are determined by a combination of the prices of the corresponding Technique barrier and Amplifier.
    • Pricings for Technique barriers are listed below, while pricings for amplifiers are listed in the tools section of this guide.
      • The table directly below shows which Merges require which Technique barrier. The Amplifier required shares the name of the Merge it is used to create.
Merges and Barriers
Merge Barrier
Shield icon.pngFoie Merge Shield icon.pngRed Barrier
Shield icon.pngGifoie Merge
Shield icon.pngRafoie Merge
Shield icon.pngRed Merge
Shield icon.pngBarta Merge Shield icon.pngBlue Barrier
Shield icon.pngGibarta Merge
Shield icon.pngRabarta Merge
Shield icon.pngBlue Merge
Shield icon.pngZonde Merge Shield icon.pngYellow Barrier
Shield icon.pngGizonde Merge
Shield icon.pngRazonde Merge
Shield icon.pngYellow Merge
Shield icon.pngResta Merge Shield icon.pngRecovery Barrier
Shield icon.pngAnti Merge
Shield icon.pngShifta Merge Shield icon.pngAssist Barrier
Shield icon.pngDeband Merge
Merge Barrier
Technique barriers[edit | edit source]

Rings[edit | edit source]

  • "High Stat" for Shield icon.pngRed Ring specifically means over 80 DFP.

Units[edit | edit source]

Common units[edit | edit source]

  • While most of these have no value, some of them can be useful enough to sell for 50-200k Meseta.
Item Name Price
Common Units 0-0.5

Rare units[edit | edit source]

  • A "Unit icon.pngCure/""""" set" is comprised of all the "Cure/" units, with or without Unit icon.pngCure/Poison.
  • Some items require unsealing. This service can be paid for, and those prices can be viewed at the bottom of this guide.

Mags[edit | edit source]

Mag types[edit | edit source]

  • Basic Mag (where [DEF/POW/DEX/MIND] is usually [5/150/45/0] or [5/145/50/0]): These Mags are generally decent--but not optimized--for most classes.
    • Level 50 or 100 Mag: These Mags are generally sold at these levels so that Mag cells can be used on them immediately.
  • Min/Max Mag: These Mags are built specifically around material plans for a max stats at level 200 on a specific class.
  • Pure Stat Mags: These Mags have the maximum amount possible (185+) of a given stat. Not to be confused with Console Mags.
  • Console: While these mags are also considered "pure stat," they are much easier to feed, though they cannot have Photon Blasts.
  • Custom Mags: Custom Mag orders vary greatly both in stats and value; the price will depend on the Mag ordered and the specific stats.
    • It's generally safe to assume that these will be of similar pricing to other Mags with some slight extra value.
  • Mag icon.pngKama: These Mags are specifically sold as a base to make Mag icon.pngTellusis, one of the best Mags.
  • Mag icon.pngGaruda: These Mags are specifically sold as a base to make Mag icon.pngStriker Unit, a popular mag that grants Divine Punishment usage with Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker
  • Basic Mag icon.pngMags only hold this value if they are Ephinea-exclusive colors found as a drop.
    • Other normal colors that can be made with each new character have little to no value, although a Mag farmer may pay 1 PD for 10 or more of them.
Mag Type Level Price
Basic 50 3
100 5
200 6-8
Min/Max 200 8-10
Pure 8-10
Console 6-8
Custom Varies
Mag icon.pngKama 50-100 6-8
200 8-10
Mag icon.pngGaruda 50-100 6-8
200 8-10
Basic Mag icon.pngMag 5 2-3

Cells[edit | edit source]

  • For premade cell mags, the price will typically be the price of the mag (as listed above) plus the price of the cell, listed below. Whether or not the stats are useful can raise or lower the price.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Currencies[edit | edit source]

Item Name Price
Tool icon.pngPhoton Crystal 1
Tool icon.pngPhoton Hoard 99
Tool icon.pngPhoton Sphere 97-99

Grinders[edit | edit source]

Item Name Amount per 1 PD
Tool icon.pngMonogrinder 99-198
Tool icon.pngDigrinder 50-99
Tool icon.pngTrigrinder 33-66

Materials[edit | edit source]

Item Name Amount per 1 PD
Tool icon.pngDef Material 50
Tool icon.pngEvade Material 99
Tool icon.pngHP Material 14
Tool icon.pngLuck Material 3-4
Tool icon.pngMind Material 20-25
Tool icon.pngPower Material 13-14
Tool icon.pngTP Material 3

Enemy parts[edit | edit source]

Combination items[edit | edit source]

Item Name Price
Tool icon.pngBerill Photon 10-15
Tool icon.pngBlue-black Stone 35-45
Tool icon.pngBook of Hitogata 5-10
Tool icon.pngMagic Rock "Heart Key" 45-50
Tool icon.pngMagic Rock "Moola" 0.5
Tool icon.pngMagic Stone "Iritista" 10-15
Tool icon.pngMagic Water -
Tool icon.pngParasitic Cell Type D 6-20
Tool icon.pngParasitic Gene "Flow" 45-55
Tool icon.pngParts of Egg Blaster 0.5
Tool icon.pngPhoton Booster 45-50
Tool icon.pngStar Amplifier 0.5-1
Tool icon.pngSyncesta 40-45
Amplifiers[edit | edit source]
Amplifier Price
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Foie 0.5
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Gifoie 7-12
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Rafoie 1-2
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Red 0.5
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Barta 0.5
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Gibarta 0.5
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Rabarta 1-2
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Blue 0.5
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Zonde 0.5
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Gizonde 1
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Razonde 0.5
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Yellow 0.5
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Resta 5
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Anti 0
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Shifta 0
Shield icon.pngAmplifier of Deband 0

Aesthetic items[edit | edit source]

Item Name Price
Tool icon.pngNeutralizer 0
Tool icon.pngPhoton Filter 25-30
Tool icon.pngRed Paint 0
Weapon hearts[edit | edit source]
  • If a Tool icon.pngNeutralizer is used to remove a skin from a weapon, the weapon heart will not be returned!
Item Name Price
Tool icon.pngHeart of Ancient Saber 80-120
Tool icon.pngHeart of Angel Harp 150
Tool icon.pngHeart of Chameleon Scythe 60-200
Tool icon.pngHeart of Crazy Tune 60-90
Tool icon.pngHeart of Daisy Chain 50-100
Tool icon.pngHeart of DB's Saber 20-65
Tool icon.pngHeart of Delsaber's Buster 50-70
Tool icon.pngHeart of Diska of Liberator 25-55
Tool icon.pngHeart of Egg Blaster -
Tool icon.pngHeart of Flamberge 250-350
Tool icon.pngHeart of Izmaela 20-50
Tool icon.pngHeart of Laconium Axe 50-100
Tool icon.pngHeart of Lollipop 25-70
Tool icon.pngHeart of Plantain Huge Fan 10-15
Tool icon.pngHeart of Rabbit Wand 40
Tool icon.pngHeart of Rianov 303SNR 20
Tool icon.pngHeart of Ruby Bullet 75-90
Tool icon.pngHeart of Samba Maracas 40-60
Tool icon.pngHeart of Sorcerer's Cane 20-40
Tool icon.pngHeart of Soul Banish 100-120
Tool icon.pngHeart of Suppressed Gun 40-60
Tool icon.pngHeart of Tension Blaster 100
Tool icon.pngHeart of The Sigh of a God 80-100
Tool icon.pngHeart of Yasminkov 9000M 45-100
Ring paints[edit | edit source]
Item Name Price Item Name Price
Old Paints New Paints
Tool icon.pngBlack Paint
Tool icon.pngBlue Paint
Tool icon.pngGreen Paint
Tool icon.pngPurple Paint
Tool icon.pngYellow Paint
Tool icon.pngWhite Paint
2-3 Tool icon.pngChartreuse Paint
Tool icon.pngCyan Paint
Tool icon.pngOnyx Paint
Tool icon.pngOrange Paint
Tool icon.pngRose Paint
Tool icon.pngUltramarine Paint
Tool icon.pngViolet Paint
Ring platings[edit | edit source]
Item Name Price
Tool icon.pngAngel Plating See Quest icon.pngThe Forge
and required materials
Tool icon.pngBunny Plating
Tool icon.pngCat Plating
Tool icon.pngDeep Plating
Tool icon.pngDelsaber Plating 100
Tool icon.pngEpsilon Plating See Quest icon.pngThe Forge
and required materials
Tool icon.pngHeart Plating
Tool icon.pngHoneycomb Plating
Tool icon.pngStandstill Plating

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Item Name Price Amount per 1 PD
Tool icon.pngAddSlot 0.5 2
Tool icon.pngBook of Katana 1 See Quest icon.pngCD5
Tool icon.pngBook of Katana 2 See Quest icon.pngCD5
Tool icon.pngBook of Katana 3 See Quest icon.pngCD5
Tool icon.pngMusic disks 0.125 8
Tool icon.pngPhoton Ticket 0.5 2
Tool icon.pngScape Doll - 50-60
Tool icon.pngTeam Points - 250

Event items[edit | edit source]

Item Name Price
Tool icon.pngChristmas Present -
Tool icon.pngEaster Egg -
Tool icon.pngFlower Bouquet -
Tool icon.pngJack-O'-Lantern 2-3
Tool icon.pngPresent 5
Tool icon.pngValentine's Chocolate -

Event currencies[edit | edit source]

Item Name Price Amount per 1 PD
Tool icon.pngItem Ticket 2-3 -
Tool icon.pngEvent Egg 0.5 2
Tool icon.pngAnniv. Bronze Badge - 16
Tool icon.pngAnniv. Silver Badge 0.1 10
Tool icon.pngAnniv. Gold Badge 1 1
Tool icon.pngAnniv. Platinum Badge 250-300 N/A
Tool icon.pngHalloween Cookie 4-5 -
Tool icon.pngCoal - 8

Techniques[edit | edit source]

  • Techniques are either sold individually or in technique "sets."
  • Technique sets are identified by compatible classes (e.g. "HUmar set," "RAmarl set") and are comprised of disks for every technique the class can learn, of the class's maximum level for those techniques.
  • Force technique sets are the exception. Force technique sets will only contain level 29 attack technique disks, and level 25+ (but not 30) disks for Grants.pngGrants and Megid.pngMegid.
    • This is because level 30 attack techniques are exceedingly rare, which results in them always being sold individually.
Example HUnewearl technique set:
Technique disks Level
Foie.pngFoie, Barta.pngBarta, Zonde.pngZonde 20
Gifoie.pngGifoie, Gibarta.pngGibarta, Gizonde.pngGizonde
Rafoie.pngRafoie, Rabarta.pngRabarta, Razonde.pngRazonde
Anti.pngAnti 7
Shifta.pngShifta, Deband.pngDeband
Jellen.pngJellen, Zalure.pngZalure
Ryuker.pngRyuker -

Technique sets[edit | edit source]

Class Price
HUmar, RAmar 2-3
HUnewearl, RAmarl 3-5
Force 5-8

Individual techniques[edit | edit source]

Attack techniques[edit | edit source]

Technique Price
Level 15 Level 20 Level 25 Level 26 Level 27 Level 28 Level 29 Level 30
Foie.pngFoie 0.125-0.25 0.25-0.5 0 0.5-1 50-100
Gifoie.pngGifoie 0.125-0.25 0.25-0.5 0 0.5-1 150-175
Rafoie.pngRafoie 0.125-0.25 0.25-0.5 0 0.5-1 30-70
Barta.pngBarta 0.125-0.25 0.25-0.5 0 0.5-1 20-40
Gibarta.pngGibarta 0.125-0.25 0.25-0.5 0 0.5-1 50-100
Rabarta.pngRabarta 0.125-0.25 0.25-0.5 0 0.5-1 30-70
Zonde.pngZonde 0.125-0.25 0.25-0.5 0 0.5-1 20-40
Gizonde.pngGizonde 0.125-0.25 0.25-0.5 0 0.5-1 20-40
Razonde.pngRazonde 0.125-0.25 0.25-0.5 0 0.5-1 20-40
Grants.pngGrants 0 0.25 0.5-1 1-3 3-5 25-50
Megid.pngMegid 0 0.25 0.5-1 1-3 3-5 25-50

Recovery and Support techniques[edit | edit source]

Technique Price
Level 1 Level 5 Level 7 Level 15 Level 20 Level 30
Resta.pngResta 0 0.125 0.25 0.5
Anti.pngAnti 0 0.25-0.5 0.5-1 -
Reverser.pngReverser 0.25-0.5 -
Shifta.pngShifta 0 0.25 0.5 0.5-1
Deband.pngDeband 0 0.25 0.5 0.5-1
Jellen.pngJellen 0 0.25 0.5 0.5-1
Zalure.pngZalure 0 0.25 0.5 0.5-1
Ryuker.pngRyuker 0.25-0.5 -

Meseta[edit | edit source]

Amount per 1 PD

Services[edit | edit source]

Unsealing[edit | edit source]

  • An unsealing service is a trust-based service. Players offering this service temporarily will accept sealed items from others (such as Sword icon.pngLame d'Argent or Unit icon.pngLimiter), accumulate the acquired number of kills to convert the item into its unsealed equivalent, then return the item to the owner, at which time a previously-agreed-upon price is paid in Tool icon.pngPhoton Drops.
    • Players that offer unsealing services commonly adjust prices for the service based on already-accumulated kills--they may request 10 PDs to unseal a freshly-found Lame d'Argent, but only 5 PDs if that Lame d'Argent already has 5,000 kills on it.
Item Name Price
Sword icon.pngLame d'Argent 10
Unit icon.pngLimiter -
Sword icon.pngSealed J-Sword 23
Unit icon.pngSwordsman Lore -

Instant unsealing[edit | edit source]

  • "Instant unseals" work differently than the above.
  • For instant unseals, the player offering the service will already have a stock of unsealed items available. They then accept other players' sealed items, plus a number of PDs based on the item (similar to the above) in exchange for the unsealed item.
  • In this way, the value of the sealed item is effectively set against the purchase of the unsealed version, reducing the total cost of the unsealed item.
    • Another way to look at instant unseals is that the player requesting the instant unseal is paying PDs (and trading an item) for the cost of the already-completed unsealing process.
  • Players offering this service may price it on a per-kill basis, or offer one total price, so both are displayed.
Item Name Price
Per Kills Total
Sword icon.pngLame d'Argent 1 per 1250 8
Unit icon.pngLimiter 1 per 2500 8
Sword icon.pngSealed J-Sword 1 per 1150 20-30
Unit icon.pngSwordsman Lore 1 per 2500 8