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RAmarl is a Ranger with the best technique capabilities of all the rangers, along with the second highest ATA. This makes her a capable all-rounder class, able to assist the party with crowd control, potent area of effect attacks and assistance through support techniques. She is also self-sufficient, with her arsenal and techniques allowing her to tackle any content with relative ease, whether alone or with others.

Pros and cons[edit | edit source]

RAmarl should be your choice of class to be a jack-of-all-trades, but master-of-none. You can fit in any party regardless of their setup, but will never offer any specialised strength that other classes can offer.


  • Very high ATA - allows her to use all manners of special attacks effectively
  • Level 20 support techniques - allows her to buff herself and other party members well, as well as potent healing for early game and berserk usage
  • Ranger arsenal - with options such as Frozen Shooter, ES Needle, Heaven Striker, and sacrificial Arms, rangers have options for every situation.
  • Good at both solo and multiplayer - even if not the best, all options are open to RAmarl


  • Weaker than other classes in multiplayer - if there is another RAmarl, HUnewearl, or force present, another hunter or ranger would always be a stronger candidate
  • Weaker than RAmar solo at high levels - RAmar works better solo due to higher ATP and ATA and the existence of ES Weapons for Zalure, though it should be noted that RAmar only overtakes RAmarl in base ATP at level 80 and in base HP at level 100

Section ID choice[edit | edit source]

As RAmarl, any ID is a good choice, as RAmarl does not have any major difficulties in any map, meaning the entire game is open to her for easy hunts. Below are some recommendations for RAmarl, but there are no wrong choices if you want another ID to hunt a specific item. Please note that not all good drops are listed under notable drops, there are still many more items worth hunting on each ID.

ID Notable drops Description
Purplenum icon.png Frozen Shooter, M&A60 Vise, Spread Needle, Heaven Punisher, Parasitic Gene "Flow", V502, V801, Heaven Striker A good all rounder ID for ranger equipment, along with an increased drop rate of common mechguns, useful for finding high hit sacrificial Vulcans
Yellowboze icon.png Frozen Shooter, V101, Lame d'Argent, Spread Needle, Daylight Scar, Cannon Rouge, Swordsman Lore A powerful ID for the V101 and Lame d'Argent hunt, while getting other useful items for RAmarl or trading
Whitill icon.png Frozen Shooter, Handgun: Milla, Handgun: Guld, Red Ring, Rambling May, Diska of Braveman, V502, Slicer of Fanatic A good all rounder ID for any class, having many useful and valuable items that can be hunted easily

Material Plans[edit | edit source]

Important Stats Only - Maxes important stats as early as possible. Recommended for leveling.

Min-Max - Maxes as many character specific stats as possible by level 200 using the minimum number of slot units. Recommended at level 200.

Max Stats - Attempts to max all stats at level 200. Ignores any sort of equipment efficiency. Not recommended.

Mag Units Shield Materials
Power Def Mind Evade Luck Unused
Important Stats Only (Clio: L180+) 5/149/46/0 V101 Red Ring 129 - 93 - 28 -
Min-Max (Clio: L157+) 45 45 132 - 28 -
Max Stats (Clio: L157+) 5/155/40/0 V101, Centurion/Ability 24 51 117 29 13 16

Equipment progression[edit | edit source]

Early-game (Normal to Very Hard)[edit | edit source]

Play the game as you wish and use what you find, but you will want to focus on finding the following as soon as possible:

You may find these from the player shop as you progress, the later areas in Normal difficulty (Ruins, Seabed, Desert) or all areas in Hard/Very Hard. These will give you the starting foundation on RAmarl, as Shifta/Deband will increase your attack and defense, while Resta will allow you to make more mistakes as you learn to tackle enemies, as well as providing support for any other players you play with.

After progressing through the starting difficulties and finding some Photon Drops, you will want to focus on procuring the following equipment through trade:

These upgrades will help you make the jump into Very Hard, and also eventually into Ultimate once you reach there.

Once you reach level 41, you will want to obtain Ranger Wall from Gallon's Shop, which is the best barrier for RAmarls until level 180.

Mid-game (early Ultimate)[edit | edit source]

Once you enter Ultimate, you will want to focus on acquiring the following items, either by hunting or through trade:

Frozen Shooter

Frozen Shooter is a ranger staple, as its special attack will freeze an enemy with 100% success rate, providing the accuracy check is passed and the enemy is not resistant to freeze. This makes a lot of content easier, especially where larger enemies are involved.

Spread Needle

Spread Needle is a classic weapon that makes it very easy to clear content as a low level ranger. With normal-heavy-heavy combos, any enemy which is susceptible to knockback can be permanently stunlocked. The special on RAmarl, however, is mostly useless as seize is not very effective on her. Spread Needle should only be used when enemies have approached you, as Charge Arms will always do more damage otherwise, and the damage cancel mechanic means you may hinder your party by using this weapon on enemies your party members are fighting, as it is not very strong.

Eventually, you will replace Spread Needle with various ES Needles, which are stronger and have more potent special attacks.

Cannon Rouge

Cannon Rouge is a launcher that fires a shot that explodes on detonation. This weapon cannot combo, but the explosion is very potent on enemies with multiple hitboxes, such as idle lilies, Dragon, and Gal Gryphon. The shot has infinite height, so it will connect with flying enemies by just firing a shot in their general direction.

Heaven Striker

Heaven Striker is a handgun with unrivaled ATP, rifle range, and a unique berserk attack. The special attack has a radius and range similar to a shot weapon, allowing you to attack enemies directly above you, or to your side. Heaven Striker is a fantastic weapon for picking off lone enemies, as the "auto-aim" mechanic of the special attack can save a lot of time.

You will need 200 ATA to equip this weapon, so it is recommended that you try to procure as many Heavenly/Arms as possible.