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A defensive boost technique.
Helps teammates as well, at higher levels.

Deband.pngDeband is a support technique that raises the DFP of the user and their allies. It improves DFP by a percentage that increases with its level.

From level 3 onward, it can also affect other nearby allies. Its duration and range also improves with its level.

Technique boosts[edit | edit source]

Classes[edit | edit source]

Class Technique(s) Boost
FOmar Gifoie.pngGibarta.pngGizonde.png Grants.png +30% damage
Shifta.pngDeband.png +100% range
FOmarl Grants.png +50% damage
Resta.pngAnti.pngShifta.pngDeband.png +100% range

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The following items, when equipped, will increase Deband.pngDeband's range.

Level progression[edit | edit source]

Deband.pngDeband's statistics improve when its level increases, but the MST required to learn it and TP required to cast it increase as well.

Note: Shifta.pngShifta and Deband.pngDeband levels higher than 30 can only be achieved through the use of Photon Blast chains involving Mylla & Youlla.pngMylla & Youlla.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Level 30[edit | edit source]

Section ID Difficulty Area Drop Source Drop Rate
All Ultimate Ruins 1 Bulclaw, Delsaber, Indi Belra 1/14,667
Merlan, Del-D, Gran Sorcerer, Bulk 1/18,857
Arlan, Claw, Item box 1/22,000
Ruins 2 Dark Bringer 1/9,470
Bulclaw, Delsaber, Dark Gunner 1/18,519
Merlan, Del-D, Bulk 1/23,810
Arlan, Claw, Item box 1/27,778
Ruins 3 Dark Bringer 1/8,766
Bulclaw, Indi Belra, Dark Gunner 1/17,143
Merlan, Del-D, Gran Sorcerer, Bulk 1/22,041
Arlan, Claw, Item box 1/25,714
Seaside, Central Control Area Gi Gue, Gibbles, Mericarol, Merikle, Mericus 1/12,132
Sinow Spigell 1/21,569
Sinow Berill 1/24,265
Meriltas, Zol Gibbon 1/27,731
Merillia, Gee, Ul Gibbon, Item box 1/32,353
Seabed Upper Delbiter 1/10,417
Morfos, Deldepth 1/20,833
Dolmdarl, Sinow Zele, Recobox 1/23,810
Dolmolm, Sinow Zoa, Item box 1/27,778
Recon 1/83,333
Seabed Lower, Control Tower Delbiter, Gi Gue, Gibbles, Mericarol, Merikle, Mericus 1/9,643
Morfos, Deldepth, Ill Gill 1/19,286
Dolmdarl, Sinow Zele, Recobox, Del Lily 1/22,041
Dolmolm, Sinow Zoa, Epsilon, Item box 1/25,714
Recon 1/77,143
Subterranean Desert 1 Sand Rappy, Del Rappy, Pazuzu, Merissa AA 1/9,706
Zu, Girtablulu 1/12,132
Yowie 1/21,569
Pyro Goran, Goran Detonator 1/27,731
Satellite Lizard, Goran, Item box 1/32,353
Merissa A 1/35,948
Subterranean Desert 2 Sand Rappy, Del Rappy, Pazuzu, Merissa AA 1/8,333
Zu, Girtablulu 1/10,417
Yowie 1/18,519
Pyro Goran, Goran Detonator 1/23,810
Satellite Lizard, Goran, Item box 1/27,778
Merissa A 1/30,864
Subterranean Desert 3 Sand Rappy, Del Rappy, Pazuzu, Merissa AA 1/7,714
Zu, Girtablulu 1/9,643
Yowie 1/17,143
Pyro Goran, Goran Detonator 1/22,041
Satellite Lizard, Goran, Item box 1/25,714
Merissa A 1/28,571