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This article refers to and contains information about all Mags. For information on the basic starting Mag, see Mag icon.pngMag. For how to make a useful fully-leveled Mag, see the below guide. For information on recommended Mag plans, see the appropriate class guide.
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Information on how to make simple, effective Mags for every 4th evolution can be found here.
A player with their starter Mag

Mag icon.pngMags are equippable robotic companions that accompany hunters on their quests and help out in various ways. Mags are primarily used to increase a character's stats, but they can also offer other bonuses, such as casting Resta.pngResta, Shifta.pngShifta, and Deband.pngDeband on the player, granting temporary invincibility, and unleashing powerful attacks known as Photon Blasts.

All characters start with a level 5 Mag icon.pngMag, which grants the player 5 base DFP, and a Mag's stats and level can be raised by "feeding" it various consumable items (with the exception of Tool icon.pngTelepipe and Tool icon.pngTrap Vision). Feeding the Mag will cause it to level up depending on type of Mag and item given, which can grant a character extra base stats.

Mags can also be found from item box drops in Mine, Jungle Area (East), and Mountain Area. For more specific details, see Mag icon.pngMag.

Mag basics[edit | edit source]

An overview of a Mag's stats

Stats[edit | edit source]

Mags have four unique stats of their own: DEF, POW, DEX, and MIND. A Mag's level is equal to the sum of its levels in every stat. All Mags start out at level 5 with 5 DEF. A Mag can have a maximum level of 200, with each stat also having an individual maximum of 200 (though this can be difficult or even impossible to achieve). A Mag's stats are typically expressed in the form of DEF/POW/DEX/MIND.

Mags also have two secondary stats, which determine the power of their Photon Blasts and strength and frequency of triggers. These stats are Synchro, which can range from 0-120%, and IQ, ranging from 0-200. These stats have no effect on the Mag's total level or a character's stats, and are increased (or decreased) independently. A penalty of 5% synchro loss is applied to any Mag equipped upon a character's death.

Stat Details
Synchro Determines the damage dealt by Photon Blasts and activation rate of certain triggers
IQ Determines the strength of Shifta.pngShifta, Deband.pngDeband, and Resta.pngResta granted by the Mag;
has a small impact on the damage dealt by some Photon Blasts
DEF Grants the character 1 base DFP per level
POW Grants the character 2 base ATP per level
DEX Grants the character 0.5 base ATA per level
MIND Grants the character 2 base MST per level

Raising[edit | edit source]

Mags must be fed a variety of items to level their stats, which will be granted to the character while the Mag is equipped. Mags can be fed three consumable items every 3 minutes and 30 seconds; if a Mag is only fed one or two items, it will still only be able to be fed three items when the timer resets.

Each item fed to a Mag will grant it an amount of experience in each stat. How much experience is gained and which stats are increased depends on both the item fed, as well as the type of Mag (with each Mag having a pre-determined feeding table). As a result, it is important to feed each Mag the correct items depending on how the player wishes for the Mag to level. Mags may also lose experience in their stats depending on the item, but they cannot lose levels.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

When Mags reach levels 10, 35, and 50 through feeding and leveling up, they will evolve. Evolution will grant a Mag a new form and allow it to (potentially) learn a Photon Blast. The new form (and new type of Mag) gained after evolution depends on the following conditions:

  1. The Mag's stats
  2. The Section ID of the character it evolves on
  3. The class of the character it evolves on

In both of the latter conditions, "the character" refers to any character that feeds the Mag its last item before evolution.

The list of Mags section further down this page lists Mags by the evolution number at which it is first possible to obtain them, but this does not necessarily mean you can only obtain that Mag at that evolution.

  • As an example, after level 50, Mags can evolve again every fifth level if another evolution condition is met (e.g. the Mag is transferred to and fed by a different character).

This also means that "third-" and "fourth-evolution" Mags is somewhat of a misnomer, as you can obtain a "fourth evolution" Mag as a Mag's sixth, seventh, or further evolution, provided it can still meet the prerequisites.

Photon Blasts[edit | edit source]

Main article: Photon Blasts
A Mag with three Photon Blasts

Photon Blasts are special attacks Mags can perform. Photon Blasts can only be used after a Mag has reached level 10 and has learned its first Photon Blast, and only once the Mag's Photon Blast gauge has reached 100, with the gauge increasing through either dealing or receiving damage.

Once the player has built to 100 Photon Blast (commonly abbreviated "PB"), the Photon Blast can be unleashed by pressing the appropriate button on the alternate palette; any other actions assigned to the alternate palette will become unavailable until a Photon Blast is used, the Mag is unequipped, or the player returns to Pioneer 2.

Every Mag can learn up to a maximum of three Photon Blasts. Photon Blasts are learned at levels 10, 35, and 50. It is possible for a Mag to have less than three Photon Blasts if, during evolution, it learns a Photon Blast it has already learned (e.g. if a Mag learns the Photon Blast Golla.pngGolla at level 35, then evolves at level 50 into a Mag that learns it again). If the Mag does not learn a Photon Blast at level 50, it may learn another one if it evolves again into another Mag that has a Photon Blast not previously learned.

PB gain formulas
Action Formula
Damage dealt Damage dealt / (character level * 15.0)
Damage taken (Damage taken * 20.0) / (character level * 15.0)

Mag triggers[edit | edit source]

Mags may possess "triggers," which are special effects that can occur under three different circumstances. These triggers are not guaranteed to occur, however, as each individual Mag has a pre-determined "trigger rate," which is the baseline percentage chance for any of that Mag's triggers to activate.

Criteria Description
100 PB May occur when the player reaches a full Photon Blast gauge.
10% HP May occur when the player loses over 20% HP and drops under 10% HP simultaneously.
Boss room May occur when the player enters a boss room.
Death May occur when the player has died (disabled in Blue Burst).

If multiple trigger conditions are met in the same frame, only one will be checked. The order checked is 100 PB first, boss room entry second, death third, and finally the 10% HP condition. For example, if a player satisfies both the 100 PB and 10% HP condition at once from taking damage, only the 100 PB condition has a chance to activate. Regardless of whether the trigger for 100 PB activates, the 10% HP trigger will not have a chance to activate.

There are three different effects which can be granted when a Mag trigger activates:

Icon Name Description
Invincibility Invulnerability Grants the player 30 seconds of invulnerability from all direct damage sources.
HP/TP reducing effects (such as Berserk and Spirit) will still apply, and damage from Dark Falz's soul bind will still occur.
Resta Resta Casts Resta.pngResta. Level cast is (IQ/40)+1, for a maximum level of 6.
Shifta & Deband Shifta and Deband Casts Shifta.pngShifta and Deband.pngDeband. Level cast is (IQ/40)+1, for a maximum level of 6.
Reverser.pngReverser Reverser Casts Reverser on the player. This is used only for the death trigger which is disabled in Blue Burst.

Synchro triggers[edit | edit source]

Some Mags have triggers that are affected by Synchro, either positively or negatively. Thus, they are referred to as "positive" or "negative" triggers, and are represented by (+) and (-) respectively.

Depending on Synchro, the Mag is boosted by the below table.

Synchro Rate Boost
0-30% +0%
31-60% +15%
61-80% +25%
81-100% +30%
101-120% +35%

A "positive" (+) trigger has its rate increased depending on the synchro of the Mag. This boost is applied, additively, directly to the baseline trigger rate of the Mag.
A "negative" (-) trigger ignores the baseline trigger rate of the Mag, and only considers the Synchro Boost. This means any negative trigger has an effective base rate of 0%, and a maximum possible trigger rate of 35%.

Additional trigger adjustments[edit | edit source]

There are two additional mag trigger rate adjustments that are used only for the death trigger on certain mags. The internal identifiers for these adjustments are 3 and 4, whereas the "positive" and "negative" adjustments defined above are 1 and 2.

The first of these additional adjustments is Activation Rate = (Base Trigger Rate) - 10. The second one is Activation Rate = (Synchro Rate Boost) - 10. These activation rates will be 0 if the subtraction will yield a negative value.

These trigger rate adjustments are not used in Blue Burst because the death trigger on mags is enabled only in offline mode, which is never true for Blue Burst.

Mag colors[edit | edit source]

Mags can come in one of 30 different colors. Selecting certain costumes at character creation can determine the starting Mag's color. Mags found from item boxes will always come with a random color.

While a Mag's color will not change as it gains levels and evolves, some Mags will show the color more or less than others, with some being entirely one color (e.g. Mag icon.pngSato, Mag icon.pngPuyo), and others not incorporating the color at all (e.g. Mag icon.pngRappy, Mag icon.pngTellusis).

Original colors[edit | edit source]

These colors can either be obtained from character creation, or from a Mag dropped from an item box. All of these colors were available on the original Blue Burst servers.

Color Hex Name Costume Coordinates (row#-column#)
HUmr HUnl HUct HUcl RAmr RAml RAct RAcl FOmr FOml FOnm FOnl
#FF3319 Red 2-1 1-1 1-1 1-1 1-1 1-1; 2-1 1-1 1-8; 2-1 1-1 1-1; 2-1 1-8 1-1
#3333FF Blue 1-2 1-2; 2-2; 2-9 1-2; 1-8; 3-2 1-2; 2-2 1-2 2-2; 2-8 1-2; 2-2; 2-8; 3-3 2-2 1-2; 2-8 1-2; 1-9 1-2; 2-2 1-2; 2-2; 2-9
#FFE619 Yellow 1-3 1-3; 2-3 1-3; 2-3 1-3; 3-3 2-3 1-3; 2-3 2-3 1-3; 2-9; 3-3 2-3 1-3; 2-3 1-3; 2-3 1-3
#19FF19 Green - - - - - - - - - 1-4 2-4 1-4
#CC19FF Purple 2-5 1-5; 2-5 1-5; 2-5; 2-8 1-5; 1-9; 2-5 1-5; 2-5 1-5 2-9 2-5; 3-5 1-5 1-5; 2-5 1-5; 2-5; 2-8 1-5; 2-5
#191933 Black 1-6; 1-9; 2-6 1-6; 2-6 2-6; 3-6 1-6; 2-6; 2-8 1-6; 1-9; 2-6 1-6; 2-6 1-6; 3-6 1-6 1-6; 2-6 1-6; 2-6 1-6; 2-6 1-6; 1-9; 2-6
#E6FFFF White 1-7; 2-7; 2-9 1-7; 2-7 1-7; 2-7; 3-7 - 1-7; 2-7 1-7; 2-7 1-7; 1-8; 2-7; 3-7 - 1-7; 2-7 1-7; 2-7 1-7; 2-7 1-7; 2-7
#19E6FF Cyan 2-2 - 2-2 3-2 2-2 1-2 3-2 1-2; 1-9; 3-2 2-2 2-2 - -
#804C33 Brown - 1-8 - 2-3 2-9 - - 2-3 1-8 - 2-1 -
#FF6600 Orange 1-1 - 2-1 - 2-1 1-8 1-9; 2-1 2-6 - - 2-9 2-1
#808BF9 Slate Blue 1-5 - - 1-8; 3-5; 3-6 - - 1-5; 2-5; 3-5 1-5; 1-7; 3-1 1-9; 2-5 - - -
#808000 Olive 1-8; 2-3 - 3-3 3-4 1-3 - 1-3 - 1-3; 2-9 2-9 - 2-3
#00F0B6 Turquoise 2-4 2-4 - 1-4 - 1-9 3-4 3-4 1-4 2-4 - 2-4
#CC1964 Fuschia - 2-1 3-1; 3-5 2-1 - 2-5 3-1 2-8 2-1 - 1-1 -
#7F7F7F Gray 2-8 - 1-6; 1-9 - - - 2-6 3-6; 3-7 - - - 2-8
#FEFED5 Cream - - - 1-7; 2-7; 3-7 1-8; 2-7 - - 2-7 - - - -
#FE7FC8 Pink - 2-8 - 2-9; 3-1 - 2-7 - 1-1 - 1-8; 2-8 - 1-8
#007F52 Dark Green 1-4 1-4; 1-9 1-4; 2-4; 2-9; 3-4 2-4 1-4; 2-4 1-4; 2-4 1-4; 2-4 1-4; 2-4 2-4 - 1-4; 1-9 -

Ephinea-exclusive colors[edit | edit source]

These colors can only be found on Mags dropped from an item box. These colors were added in an Ephinea update on March 6th, 2022.

Color Hex Name
#7FFF00 Chartreuse
#007FFF Azure
#660066 Royal Purple
#F90505 Ruby
#0A0AF2 Sapphire
#007F00 Emerald
#9F7E3A Gold
#8D9BA6 Silver
#A0654E Bronze
#7F337F Plum
#2B0757 Violet
#F2A400 Goldenrod

List of Mags[edit | edit source]

Starter Mag[edit | edit source]

Mag Name Obtained From Feed Table
New Character
Box Drops
Table 0

First evolution Mags[edit | edit source]

First evolution Mags occur at level 10, and their evolution depends solely on the class of the character that raises the Mag's level to 10.

Mag Name Evolution Conditions PB Learned Triggers Feed Table
100 PB 1/10 HP Boss Room
HU evolves Mag Farlla.png
Invincibility (40%)
- Shifta & Deband
S&D (40%)
Table 1
RA evolves Mag Estlla.png
Invincibility (40%)
- Shifta & Deband
S&D (40%)
Table 1
FO evolves Mag Leilla.png
Invincibility (40%)
- Resta
Resta (40%)
Table 1

Second evolution Mags[edit | edit source]

Second evolution Mags occur at level 35, and their evolution depends on what Mag they evolved from, and what their highest stat is. The class of the character raising the Mag's level to 35 is irrelevant in almost all cases; for example, if the Mag is a Mag icon.pngKalki, it can only evolve into Mag icon.pngSurya, Mag icon.pngMitra, and Mag icon.pngTapas.

If two stats are equal, the Mag will evolve depending on the class that evolved its first evolution; for example, if a Mag's stats are 7/14/14/0:

Mag icon.pngVaruna follows POW > Others. Evolves into Mag icon.pngRudra.
Mag icon.pngKalki follows DEX > Others. Evolves into Mag icon.pngMitra.
Mag icon.pngVritra follows MIND > Others. Evolves into Mag icon.pngNamuci.

Third evolution Mags[edit | edit source]

Third evolution Mags occur at level 50, and every five levels after that, and their evolution depends on what conditions are satisfied when the Mag is raised to an appropriate level.

Starting at level 50 and beyond, a Mag can evolve again with one feed during an evolution level (e.g. the Mag is currently level 50, 55, 75, etc.) by transferring the Mag to a different character. This can be useful for the purposes of switching feeding tables, or using Mag cells.

Note: Equality conditions for equations including "≥" have not all been verified yet.

Fourth evolution Mags[edit | edit source]

Note: If you're looking to make one of these Mags, the beginner Mag guide shows how to easily make all of these Mags, starting from the basic Mag.

Fourth evolution Mags can occur beginning first at level 100, and every ten levels after that (110, 120, 130, etc.), but only when their specific evolution formulas are met, and can only be evolved from a third evolution Mag.

Unlike other evolutions, fourth evolutions are not guaranteed, as they can require a specific class, gender, and stat formula to be met, all of which are based on Section ID. If a Mag is leveled past 100 without evolving into a fourth evolution Mag (due to the character who performed the level 100 feed not having the correct formula), it is possible to transfer the Mag to another character that does have a fourth evolution and feed the Mag once to evolve it. Once a Mag has evolved into a fourth evolution Mag, it cannot evolve further based on its stats.

Cell Mags[edit | edit source]

Cell Mags are fourth evolution Mags that are obtained by using the appropriate Mag cell on a Mag (sometimes a specific Mag). Most cell Mags evolve from third evolution Mags. Most Mags that have reached fourth evolution cannot evolve again. In several instances Mags can evolve from fourth evolution Mags or a Mag.

While most cell Mags are evolved from third evolution Mags, and will not evolve again afterward, some cell Mags can be evolved again through the use of subsequent Mag cells (e.g. Mag icon.pngDevil's Wing evolving into Mag icon.pngDevil's Tail with the use of a second Tool icon.pngHeart of Devil, or the "System" Mags' progression from Mag icon.pngMark III up to Mag icon.pngDreamcast).

All cell Mags use feeding table 7.

List of Mag cells[edit | edit source]

Mag Cell Associated Mag(s)
Tool icon.pngAmitie's Memo Mag icon.pngPuyo
Tool icon.pngCell of Mag 213 Mag icon.pngChurel;
Mag icon.pngPreta
Tool icon.pngCell of Mag 502 Mag icon.pngPitri;
Mag icon.pngSoniti
Tool icon.pngD-Photon Core Mag icon.pngGael Giel
Tool icon.pngDragon Scale Mag icon.pngTellusis
Tool icon.pngHeart of Angel Mag icon.pngAngel's Wing
Tool icon.pngHeart of Chao Mag icon.pngChao
Tool icon.pngHeart of Chu Chu Mag icon.pngChu Chu
Tool icon.pngHeart of Devil Mag icon.pngDevil's Tail;
Mag icon.pngDevil's Wing
Tool icon.pngHeart of Kapu Kapu Mag icon.pngKapu Kapu
Tool icon.pngHeart of Morolian Mag icon.pngMoro
Tool icon.pngHeart of Opa Opa Mag icon.pngOpa-Opa
Tool icon.pngHeart of Pian Mag icon.pngPian
Tool icon.pngHeart of YN-0117 Mag icon.pngElenor
Tool icon.pngHeaven Striker Coat Mag icon.pngStriker Unit
Tool icon.pngKalki Kit Mag icon.pngKalki*
Tool icon.pngKit of Dreamcast Mag icon.pngDreamcast
Tool icon.pngKit of Genesis Mag icon.pngGenesis
Tool icon.pngKit of Hamburger Mag icon.pngHamburger
Tool icon.pngKit of Mark III Mag icon.pngMark III
Tool icon.pngKit of Master System Mag icon.pngMaster System
Tool icon.pngKit of Sega Saturn Mag icon.pngSega Saturn
Tool icon.pngLiberta Kit Mag icon.pngAgastya
Tool icon.pngMag Kit Mag icon.pngMag*
Tool icon.pngPanther's Spirit Mag icon.pngPanzer's Tail
Tool icon.pngParts of RoboChao Mag icon.pngRobochao
Tool icon.pngPioneer Parts Mag icon.pngPioneer
Tool icon.pngRappy's Beak Mag icon.pngRappy
Tool icon.pngStealth Kit Mag icon.pngStealth
Tool icon.pngTablet Mag icon.pngGeung-si
Tool icon.pngVaruna Kit Mag icon.pngVaruna*
Tool icon.pngVritra Kit Mag icon.pngVritra*
Tool icon.pngYahoo!'s engine Mag icon.pngYahoo!

List of cell Mags[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Many Mags are named after personalities in Hindu mythology.
  • On January 9, 2017, class restrictions on the Angel's Wing, Devil's Wing, and Elenor Mags were removed.
  • The number of frames for invulnerability is calculated using the formula 1200 + 30 * ( (Mag Synchro) + (Mag IQ) / 3 ). The client then limits this value to 900 if it's greater, which it always is. This formula was probably used by Version 1 and Version 2 of PSO to calculate the length of mag invulnerability trigger.