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Tool icon.png Telepipe
Max Stack
HUmr HUnl HUct HUcl
RAmr RAml RAct RAcl
FOmr FOml FOnm FOnl
Temporarily creates a teleport gate to the city. All teammates can use it, until the creator returns through it.

Telepipe is an item that creates a warp back to Pioneer 2 when used. The warp is available to all players until its user returns to Ragol or the VR field through it. Telepipes cannot be used inside of or too close to other warps, or in boss arenas (except after defeating Shambertin or Kondrieu in Point of Disaster). Some quests, such as Phantasmal World #4, disable the use of Telepipes completely.

  • The Technique Ryuker can be used to create a Telepipe without the use of a Telepipe item, spending the user's TP instead. Otherwise it works the same way and shares the same restrictions.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Shop[edit | edit source]

Telepipes can be purchased from the Tools Shop for 350 Meseta.