3rd Anniv. Gold Badge

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Yellowboze icon.png This article is obsolete.
This item can no longer be obtained or used in-game.
Tool icon.png3rd Anniv. Gold Badge
Event item
Max Stack
A currency accepted by scavengers and thieves...

Tool icon.png3rd Anniv. Gold Badge was a 2018 Anniversary event-exclusive item. It could be traded for various items in the Quest icon.pngAnniversary Badge Shop.

Uses[edit | edit source]

In the Quest icon.pngAnniversary Badge Shop, 3rd Anniv. Gold Badges could be exchanged for a variety of items.

Gold Badge Shop[edit source]

The Gold Badge Shop is located across from the Check Room.

# of Badges Items Available
1 Sword icon.pngImperial Pick (30 Hit), Gun icon.pngRed Mechgun (30 Hit), Cane icon.pngWindmill (30 Hit)
2 Tool icon.pngHalloween Cookie, Unit icon.pngV501
5 Shield icon.pngRed Merge, Shield icon.pngBlue Merge, Shield icon.pngYellow Merge, Tool icon.pngPioneer Parts
6 Tool icon.pngParasitic Cell Type D, Frame icon.pngFlame Garment (220 DFP, 120 EVP), Frame icon.pngElectro Frame (220 DFP, 120 EVP)
8 Frame icon.pngAura Field (250 DFP, 140 EVP)
15 Tool icon.pngMagic Rock "Heart Key"
70 Tool icon.pngPhoton Sphere

The Hunter[edit source]

The Hunter is located in The Principal's office. He offers one of a selection of weapons for 2 Gold Badges; these weapons all come with random stats. Alternatively, he can be given 1 Gold Badge in return for a randomly selected weapon from his selection with the opportunity for higher stats.

Available items[edit source]

Normal items

Random selection only

Availability[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

3rd Anniv. Gold Badge dropped from any enemy (except for scared Rappies) on Ultimate difficulty during the 2019 Anniversary event.