Photon Hoard

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Tool icon.pngPhoton Hoard
Max Stack
A stockpile of 99 high purity crystal photons.
Through advancements in technology, it somehow takes up less space in your purse.

Tool icon.pngPhoton Hoard (commonly abbreviated as "PH") is an item that is equivalent to 99 Tool icon.pngPhoton Drops, allowing the ability to store and carry more Photon Drops than normally capable.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Prior to the introduction of Photon Hoards, storing and making trades using large amounts of Photon Drops was complicated by the issue of only being able to hold or trade one stack of 99 Photon Drops at a time.

Photon Hoards thus allow for easier management of Photon Drops without having to store them separately in multiple banks (or by irreversibly converting stacks of Photon Drops into Tool icon.pngPhoton Spheres), as Photon Drops have multiple other uses.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Main article: Quest icon.pngGallon's Shop

In Gallon's Shop, by speaking with a man wearing military garb (XZ: -110, 145) within the room next to the quest counter, one can convert 99 Photon Drops into a Photon Hoard and vice versa.

You must speak with them twice in a quest sitting, while also holding at least one of either a Photon Drop or Photon Hoard, in order to activate this feature.

Note: In order to break a Photon Hoard down into a stack of Photon Drops, you must not be carrying any Photon Drops beforehand.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Photon Hoards do not exist in normal gameplay, as they and their feature to supplement Photon Drops are unique to Ephinea, added in an update on June 16th, 2019.