Magic Water

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Tool icon.pngMagic Water
Combination Item
Max Stack
HUmr HUnl HUct HUcl
RAmr RAml RAct RAcl
FOmr FOml FOnm FOnl
They say its magical powers can make certain plant species evolve into powerful weapons, but...

Tool icon.pngMagic Water is a rare tool that is a combination item. It can be used to create Cane icon.pngPlantain Fan and Sword icon.pngPlantain Huge Fan when certain conditions are met.

Combinations[edit | edit source]

Requirements Result
Item Grind Level Class Stat
Cane icon.pngPlantain Leaf Any 100 Force 630 MST Cane icon.pngPlantain Fan
Cane icon.pngFatsia Any 100 HUmar, HUnewearl, any Force 690 MST Sword icon.pngPlantain Huge Fan

Quest Reward[edit | edit source]

Magic Water may be purchased from Paganini in Quest icon.pngGallon's Shop for 20 Tool icon.pngPhoton Drops.