Scape Doll

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Tool icon.pngScape Doll
Scape Doll.png
Max Stack
If the holder dies, the doll will die instead, restoring HP and TP.
Disappears after one use.

Scape Doll is a recovery item that will automatically revive you upon death. Each Scape Doll has one use and will disappear after successfully reviving you. Players revived by a Scape Doll will have their HP and TP restored, and casts will have their traps refilled.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Enemy Drops[edit | edit source]

Section ID Difficulty Enemy Drop Rate
Viridia Normal Barbarous Wolf (E1) 1/759
La Dimenian (E1) 1/15100
Greenill Normal Sinow Beat 1/8511
Sinow Spigell 1/10403
Skyly Normal La Dimenian (E1) 1/15100
Bluefull Normal Barbarous Wolf (E1) 1/10403
Sinow Spigell 1/10403
Purplenum Normal Dubchic (E2) 1/15604
Pinkal Normal Sinow Berill 1/11703
Redria Normal Sinow Zoa 1/15604
Yellowboze Normal Hildeblue (E2) (Rare) 7/8
Whitill Normal Sinow Spigell 1/10403