Event Egg

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Tool icon.pngEvent Egg
Event Item
Max Stack
Try to find as many of these as you can before the event ends!
You may be able to trade your eggs to someone for something good!

Tool icon.pngEvent Eggs are an Easter-exclusive item. They can be brought into the Quest icon.pngThe Egg Shop quest to be redeemed for various items, or gambled for a chance at a rare item.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Event Eggs can drop from any monsters on Ragol during the Easter event at the following drop rate:

Difficulty Rate
Normal 1/2000
Hard 1/1800
Very Hard 1/1200
Ultimate 1/500

These rates are not affected by any modifiers, such as drop anything rate or rare drop rate boosts.

Event Eggs cannot drop in quests with 0% drop rate, such as Quest icon.pngBeyond the Horizon. Scared Rappies will also not drop Event Eggs, nor will item boxes.