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Rare super pure crystal Photon.
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Photon Sphere, commonly abbreviated as PS, is a unique item that can be used to add and boost attribute percentages on weapons. It is also used as a high-value currency between players, since a single Photon Sphere costs 99 Photon Drops in Gallon's Shop; in addition, high-value items commonly cost hundreds of PDs, and only 99 of them can be traded in the Trade Window at a time. However, As a trading item it is inferior to the Photon Hoard, which can be converted back to Photon Drops, unlike the Photon Sphere.


In Gallon's Shop, talking to Hopkins with at least one Photon Drop on hand and selecting "Yes" will prompt him to bring the player to his father, Paganini. If the player has brought Paganini the data from the terminal in Seabed during the West Tower quest, the "Enhance weapon's Photon" option will be available. "Enhance weapon's Photon" is the only action that can be done with only Photon Spheres on hand; the others require Photon Drops. This allows the player to add 30% to an attribute percentage on their weapons in exchange for a Photon Sphere, but only if the attribute in question is at or below 70%; smaller amounts can be added using Photon Drops. There are some restrictions to adding attributes:

Using a Photon Sphere to boost an attribute by 30% saves 21 Photon Drops in value, as doing so with PDs alone would cost 120.


Quest Reward

Photon Sphere may be purchased from Paganini in Gallon's Shop for 99 Photon Drops.


Photon Sphere could be obtained as a top 5 prize from the Time Attack competition during 2015's Christmas Event.

Photon Sphere could be obtained from the 2016 Summer Badge Shop and 2017 Anniversary Badge Shop for 60 1st Anniv. Gold Badges and 2nd Anniv. Gold Badges, respectively.

Photon Sphere could be obtained from a Present on Ultimate difficulty in 2016, 2017, and 2018. 2018's Presents also had a chance to contain 3 Photon Spheres.

Photon Sphere could be obtained by collecting all of the section ID badges during 2017's Summer Scavenger Event.

Photon Sphere could be obtained from the 10-Egg gamble in the 2017 and 2018 Egg Shops.