Anniversary Badge Shop

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Quest icon.pngAnniversary Badge Shop
Episode 1
Category: Shop
Client: Ephinea Event Team
Info: Exchange your Bronze, Silver and Gold Badges here.
Author: Kanashimi, XII
Languages: English, Japanese
You can trade your badges for various prizes.
There might be more than just a few event shops...
- Quest description

The Quest icon.pngAnniversary Badge Shop is one of the featured quests during the annual Anniversary event. This quest features numerous shops at which players can trade in their Anniversary Badges for various items.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Bronze Badge Shop[edit source]

The Tool icon.pngAnniv. Bronze Badge shop is located across from the Check Room.

Anniversary Badge Shop 2023
Items Offered
1 Tool icon.pngMusic disk (random)
Tool icon.pngTrigrinder
5 Sword icon.pngSoul Eater
Gun icon.pngSuppressed Gun
Cane icon.pngTechnical Crozier
8 Tool icon.pngAddSlot
20 Sword icon.pngButterfly Net
Sword icon.pngBamboo Spear
50 Frame icon.pngChu Chu Fever
Shield icon.pngBunny Ears
Shield icon.pngCat Ears

Silver Badge Shop[edit source]

The Tool icon.pngAnniv. Silver Badge shop is located across from the Check Room.

Anniversary Badge Shop 2023
Items Offered
1 Tool icon.pngPower Material
Tool icon.pngDef Material
Tool icon.pngEvade Material
Tool icon.pngMind Material
2 Tool icon.pngHP Material
3 Tool icon.pngTP Material
5 Tool icon.pngLuck Material
8 Cane icon.pngBroom
Sword icon.pngChameleon Scythe
Sword icon.pngWok of Akiko's Shop
10 Tool icon.pngItem Ticket
99 Tool icon.pngChartreuse Paint
Tool icon.pngCyan Paint
Tool icon.pngOnyx Paint
Tool icon.pngOrange Paint
Tool icon.pngRose Paint
Tool icon.pngUltramarine Paint
Tool icon.pngViolet Paint

Gold Badge Shop[edit source]

The Tool icon.pngAnniv. Gold Badge shop is located across from the Check Room.

Anniversary Badge Shop 2023
Items Offered
1 Sword icon.pngImperial Pick (random stats)
Gun icon.pngRed Mechgun (random stats)
Cane icon.pngWindmill (random stats)
Tool icon.pngPhoton Crystal
5 Tool icon.pngPioneer Parts
Tool icon.pngHeart of YN-0117
Tool icon.pngStealth Kit
6 Frame icon.pngElectro Frame (220 DFP, 120 EVP)
Frame icon.pngFlame Garment (220 DFP, 120 EVP)
Tool icon.pngParasitic Cell Type D
8 Frame icon.pngAura Field (250 DFP, 140 EVP)
30 Tool icon.pngMag Kit
Tool icon.pngVaruna Kit
Tool icon.pngKalki Kit
Tool icon.pngVritra Kit
35 Tool icon.pngPhoton Filter
50 Tool icon.pngPhoton Booster
95 Tool icon.pngPhoton Sphere

The Badger[edit | edit source]

The Badger, an NPC located next to the teleporter to The Principal, can "up-trade" your badges in the following ways:

You are not able to trade up for an Tool icon.pngAnniv. Platinum Badge.

The Thief[edit source]

The Thief is located in the Medical Center. She accepts 1 Tool icon.pngAnniv. Bronze Badge in return for a random item from the following list:

Anniversary Badge Shop 2023
Common Uncommon Rare

Mate icon.pngMonomate
Fluid icon.pngMonofluid
Tool icon.pngAntidote
Tool icon.pngAntiparalysis

Unit icon.pngCure/Poison
Unit icon.pngCure/Paralysis
Unit icon.pngCure/Slow
Unit icon.pngCure/Confuse
Unit icon.pngCure/Freeze
Unit icon.pngCure/Shock
Unit icon.pngHero/Ability
Unit icon.pngHP/Revival
Unit icon.pngTP/Revival
Unit icon.pngPB/Create
Unit icon.pngDevil/Technique
Unit icon.pngDevil/Battle
Shield icon.pngThree Seals
Tool icon.pngTablet

Sword icon.pngRaikiri
Shield icon.pngInvisible Guard
Shield icon.pngSacred Guard
Shield icon.pngS-Parts ver2.01
Shield icon.pngHoneycomb Reflector
Shield icon.pngHunter's Shell

The Hunter[edit source]

The Hunter is located in The Principal's office. He offers one of a selection of weapons for 1 Tool icon.pngAnniv. Gold Badge; these weapons all come with random stats. Alternatively, he can be given 1 Tool icon.pngAnniv. Gold Badge in return for a random weapon from his selection with the opportunity for higher stats.

Anniversary Badge Shop 2023
Melee Ranged Technique

Sword icon.pngDaisy Chain
Sword icon.pngNice Shot
Sword icon.pngHammer
Sword icon.pngCrazy Tune
Sword icon.pngToy Hammer
Sword icon.pngHarisen Battle Fan
Sword icon.pngAkiko's Cleaver

Gun icon.pngSamba Maracas
Gun icon.pngRocket Punch
Gun icon.pngLe Cogneur

Cane icon.pngLollipop
Cane icon.pngFlower Cane
Cane icon.pngSyringe
Cane icon.pngGame Magazine

The Guide[edit source]

The Guide is located in the Hunter's Guild. For 1 Tool icon.pngAnniv. Platinum Badge, she will allow the player to choose from one of the following:

Anniversary Badge Shop 2023
Melee Ranged Technique

Sword icon.pngLavis Cannon
Sword icon.pngSealed J-Sword

Gun icon.pngHeaven Punisher
Gun icon.pngHandgun: Guld

Cane icon.pngPsycho Wand
Cane icon.pngProphets of Motav