The Forge

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Quest icon.pngThe Forge
Episode 1
Category: Shop
Info: Check out my new shop! It runs with new equipment!
Author: Ender
Languages: English, Japanese
My new forge can smelt items into new items! Come see what I can do!
- Quest description

Quest icon.pngThe Forge is an item exchange quest in Episode 1. This quest allows players to exchange various items for platings, which allow a Shield icon.pngRed Ring to be given the appearance of various other shields.

Exchanges[edit | edit source]

Montague[edit | edit source]

Montague, the FOnewm, is located near the Check Room. He will trade ring platings to the player in exchange for various items.

Plating Required Items
Tool icon.pngStandstill Plating Mag icon.pngYahoo! x1
Sword icon.pngG-Assassin's Sabers x10
Shield icon.pngStandstill Shield x8
Shield icon.pngSecure Feet x5
Sword icon.pngSoul Eater x2
Shield icon.pngRupika x2
Gun icon.pngIron Faust x1
Tool icon.pngDelsaber Plating Shield icon.pngShield of Delsaber x8
Sword icon.pngDelsaber's Buster x8
Shield icon.pngKasami Bracer x1
Sword icon.pngOrotiagito x1
Unit icon.pngHP/Resurrection x2
Cane icon.pngSiren Glass Hammer x2
Shield icon.pngS-Parts ver2.01 x1
Unit icon.pngProof of Sword-Saint x1
Cane icon.pngPlantain Fan x1
Tool icon.pngEpsilon Plating Shield icon.pngEpsiguard x10
Gun icon.pngGi Gue Bazooka x5
Sword icon.pngS-Berill's Hands #1 x2
Gun icon.pngAnti Android Rifle x2
Gun icon.pngAno Rifle x2
Frame icon.pngElectro Frame x1
Frame icon.pngD-Parts ver1.01 x1
Cane icon.pngWhitill Card x1
Sword icon.pngDB's Saber (3064) x1
Unit icon.pngV101 x1
Tool icon.pngHoneycomb Plating Sword icon.pngP-Arms' Blade x10
Shield icon.pngHoneycomb Reflector x3
Unit icon.pngTP/Resurrection x3
Sword icon.pngIzmaela x1
Gun icon.pngTension Blaster x2
Tool icon.pngPhoton Filter x1
Sword icon.pngDouble Cannon x1
Tool icon.pngHeart Plating Mag icon.pngVaruna* x1
Sword icon.pngGobooma's Claw x10
Cane icon.pngPinkal Card x1
Shield icon.pngSafety Heart x1
Frame icon.pngLove Heart x1
Cane icon.pngDark Bridge x1
Tool icon.pngDeep Plating Gun icon.pngBelra Cannon x10
Sword icon.pngFlapjack Flapper x2
Unit icon.pngHeavenly/Resist x2
Shield icon.pngFrom the Depths x2
Cane icon.pngBluefull Card x1
Frame icon.pngDress Plate x1
Unit icon.pngV502 x1
Tool icon.pngAngel Plating Mag icon.pngAngel's Wing x1
Cane icon.pngSorcerer's Cane x10
Shield icon.pngAngel Ring x3
Unit icon.pngAdept x1
Sword icon.pngNei's Claw x1
Tool icon.pngBunny Plating Mag icon.pngChao x1
Cane icon.pngHildeblue's Cane x5
Shield icon.pngBunny Ears x3
Sword icon.pngTwo Kamui x1
Gun icon.pngHandgun: Guld x1
Tool icon.pngCat Plating Mag icon.pngDreamcast x1
Sword icon.pngRappy's Fan x10
Sword icon.pngGigobooma's Claw x5
Shield icon.pngCat Ears x3
Cane icon.pngMercurius Rod x3
Gun icon.pngBurning Visit x1
Cane icon.pngProphets of Motav x1

RAmar[edit | edit source]

The RAmar near the Check Room will give players a Tool icon.pngNeutralizer or Tool icon.pngRed Paint for free for the purpose of reverting skinned items to their original appearance. Weapon hearts, ring paints, or ring platings used for skins will not be restored when the skinned item is reverted!