Weapon hearts

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This page is about weapon skins. For mag cells, see Mags.

Tool icon.png Weapon hearts are Ephinea-exclusive consumable tools that can be used on a weapon to change its visuals into that of another weapon, while still retaining the parameters of the original weapon. Only certain weapons can be transformed into another weapon, depending on the heart used.

To apply a heart, equip a compatible piece of equipment, then use the heart in the inventory.

When a weapon is skinned, its name will be appended with an asterisk (*), and also have "Skin: Skin name" in the description of the item. A weapon can be reverted to its original form by using a Neutralizer on it, however the original weapon heart will not be returned.

List of weapon hearts[edit | edit source]

Item name Compatible equipment
Multiple weapon types
Heart of Lollipop
DB's Saber.png
Heart of DB's Saber
Crazy Tune.png
Heart of Crazy Tune
Daisy Chain.png
Heart of Daisy Chain
Plantain Huge Fan.png
Heart of Plantain Huge Fan
Diska of Liberator.png
Heart of Diska of Liberator
Heart of Izmaela
Suppressed Gun.png
Heart of Suppressed Gun
Tension Blaster.png
Heart of Tension Blaster
Rianov 303SNR.png
Heart of Rianov 303SNR
Samba Maracas.png
Heart of Samba Maracas
Yasminkov 9000M.png
Heart of Yasminkov 9000M
Rabbit Wand.png
Heart of Rabbit Wand
File:Sorcerer's Cane.png
Heart of Sorcerer's Cane
The Sigh of a God.png
Heart of The Sigh of a God