Belra's Right Arm

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Tool icon.pngBelra's Right Arm
Enemy Part
Max Stack
Body part of an enemy.
It is said that someone can turn it into a weapon.

Tool icon.pngBelra's Right Arm is an enemy part obtainable exclusively from killing Indi Belra.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Belra's Right Arm can be converted into Gun icon.pngBelra Cannon by completing the Episode 1 side story quest Quest icon.pngDoc's Secret Plan, then speaking to Montague on Pioneer 2 in either of the side story quests Quest icon.pngDr. Osto's Research or Quest icon.pngUnsealed Door.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Enemy Drops[edit | edit source]

Section ID Difficulty Enemy Drop Rate
Viridia Ultimate Indi Belra (E1) 1/700
Purplenum Ultimate Indi Belra (E2) 1/731
Pinkal Ultimate Indi Belra (E2) 1/731
Oran Ultimate Indi Belra (E2) 1/731
Yellowboze Ultimate Indi Belra (E2) 1/731