Music disks

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Tool icon.pngMusic disks are one-use consumable items which change the background music of the current area for both the user and any other players in the same area. The effects last until the player changes area by any means (e.g. teleporter or Tool icon.pngTelepipe), at which point the original game music is restored. Up to 99 of a single type of music disk may be stacked in the player's inventory or bank.

List of Disks

Disks 1-7 have appeared in multiple iterations of Phantasy Star Online.

Disks 8-12 were created by fans and submitted to a Japanese Blue Burst event to commemorate the server's first anniversary, PSO BB一周年記念感謝祭イベント.

Disks 13-21 are unique to Ephinea and are from various other sources.


Enemy Drops

All music disks can be obtained by killing any enemy.

Quest Reward

Disks Vol.1, 2, 3, 6, and 7 can be purchased from Gallon in Quest icon.pngGallon's Shop for Meseta icon.png10,000 Meseta or 30 Gallon points each.


Random music disks are usually made available from Anniversary Event Badge Shops yearly.