Anniv. Gold Badge

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Tool icon.pngAnniv. Gold Badge
Event item
Max Stack
A currency accepted by scavengers and thieves...

Tool icon.pngAnniv. Gold Badge is an Anniversary event-exclusive item. It can be traded for various items in the Quest icon.pngAnniversary Badge Shop.

Uses[edit | edit source]

In the Quest icon.pngAnniversary Badge Shop, Anniv. Gold Badges can be exchanged for a variety of items.

Gold Badge Shop[edit source]

The Gold Badge Shop is located across from the Check Room.

# of Badges Items Available
1 Tool icon.pngPhoton Crystal, Sword icon.pngImperial Pick (random stats), Gun icon.pngRed Mechgun (random stats), Cane icon.pngWindmill (random stats)
5 Tool icon.pngPioneer Parts, Tool icon.pngHeart of YN-0117, Tool icon.pngStealth Kit
6 Tool icon.pngParasitic Cell Type D, Frame icon.pngFlame Garment (220 DFP, 120 EVP), Frame icon.pngElectro Frame (220 DFP, 120 EVP)
8 Frame icon.pngAura Field (250 DFP, 140 EVP)
30 Tool icon.pngMag Kit, Tool icon.pngVaruna Kit, Tool icon.pngKalki Kit, Tool icon.pngVritra Kit
35 Tool icon.pngPhoton Filter
50 Tool icon.pngPhoton Booster
95 Tool icon.pngPhoton Sphere

The Hunter[edit source]

The Hunter is located in The Principal's office. He offers one of a selection of weapons for 1 Gold Badge; these weapons all come with random stats. Alternatively, he can be given 1 Gold Badge in return for a randomly selected weapon from his selection with the opportunity for higher stats.

Available items[edit source]

Availability[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Anniv. Gold Badge drops from any enemy (except for scared Rappies) on Ultimate difficulty during the Anniversary event.