Cell of Mag 502

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Tool icon.pngCell of Mag 502
Mag Cell
A kit that helps certain Mags evolve.

Cell of Mag 502 is a Mag cell that can be used on a level 100+ third evolution Mag to evolve it into Pitri or Soniti, dependent on the Section ID of the character who uses it.


Quest Reward

A Cell of Mag 502 can be obtained from AOL CUP -Sunset Base- as a hidden reward, after following some steps after clearing the quest. Only one may be obtained per character this way.

Item Ticket

Cell of Mag 502 can be purchased from the quest Item Present for 1 Item Ticket.


There is a 13% chance of finding a Cell of Mag 502 from a Jack-O'-Lantern, obtained from Hallo Rappies during the Halloween Event.