Halloween Cookie

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Tool icon.pngHalloween Cookie
Event Item
Max Stack
A sweet tasty treat.
I think someone hungry wants this..

Tool icon.pngHalloween Cookie is a rare tool that is event-exclusive. Cookies can be used in any of the Halloween quests by giving them to an NPC near the teleporter in exchange for its activation, effectively enabling these quests to be played.

Only one Cookie must be given to the NPC, and it can be given to the NPC by any member of the party; it does not have to be the party leader, and not every player in the party needs to contribute a Cookie.

Halloween quests are single-room, high-enemy density quests that have the following bonus rates:

These boosts are not affected by Ephinea's four rotating weekly boosts, and can only be further increased by playing the quests on Anguish difficulty.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Halloween Cookie can only be found during the Ephinea Halloween Event. During the event, Halloween Cookies will drop from all enemies, regardless of difficulty or episode, at a rate of 1/2000, with the exception of scared Rappies. Halloween Cookies will not drop from item boxes.