Parts of Baranz

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Tool icon.pngParts of Baranz
Enemy Part
Max Stack
Body part of an enemy.
It is said that someone can turn it into a weapon.

Parts of Baranz is an enemy part obtainable exclusively from killing Baranz. It can be used to create Baranz Launcher.

Weapon Conversion

Parts of Baranz can be converted into Baranz Launcher by talking to Montague in the quests Dr. Osto's Research or Unsealed Door, but only after completing Doc's Secret Plan.


Enemy Drops

Section ID Difficulty Enemy Drop Rate
Viridia Ultimate Baranz (E1) 1/371
Greenill Ultimate Baranz (E1) 1/371
Purplenum Ultimate Baranz (E1) 1/371
Pinkal Ultimate Baranz (E1) 1/371
Baranz (E2) 1/630
Redria Ultimate Baranz (E1) 1/371
Whitill Ultimate Baranz (E1) 1/371
Baranz (E2) 1/1260