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Tool icon.pngPhoton Filter
Changes the photon color of certain weapons.

Photon Filter is a rare tool that can change the photon color of certain skinned weapons.

Color Cycle[edit | edit source]

Each use of a Photon Filter on a compatible weapon will change the weapon's color and consume the Photon Filter. The color chosen is the next color in the cycle listed below. When a Photon Filter is used on a White-colored weapon, its color will change to Green, restarting the cycle. There are no official names for these colors anywhere in the game files. The names below were chosen by staff to approximate the photon colors.

The color values in the following table are in RGB format and are the photon colors applied to colorable weapons. For example, a Saber uses Green and a Brand uses Blue. The color of the weapon transitions between the two colors. The Index value is the color's index in the Photon Color table in the ItemPMT.

Photon bullets use static textures that are approximations of the photon colors. These textures can be found in EphineaPSO\data\default\bullets.xvm where the color index maps to the texture. For example, Mauve is index 10 and uses the 10th texture in bullets.xvm. If you were opening bullets.xvm in TextureManager, this would be Texture 9 because there is no texture for photon color index 0.

Name Index Color Hex Color Hex
Green 1 #80FF80 #198033
Blue 2 #4080FF #0033B2
Purple 3 #FF80FF #663366
Red 4 #FF5959 #B20000
Yellow 5 #FFFF00 #996600
Blue and Green 6 #80FF80 #4080FF
Rose 7 #FF80FF #FF5959
Chartreuse 8 #FFFF4C #80FF80
Mauve 10 #80CCFF #B24CFF
Cyan 23 #40FFFF #1A6666
Orange 24 #FF8000 #664200
White 25 #FFFFFF #666666

The applicable weapon skins each have a unique description that identifies their current color to allow for easy verification during trades.

Combinations[edit | edit source]

Skinned Weapon Starting Color
Dark Flow* (Heart of Daisy Chain) Yellow
Excalibur* (Heart of Flamberge) Blue
Heaven Striker* (Heart of Suppressed Gun) Green
Magical Piece* (Heart of The Sigh of a God) Yellow

Each of these combinations produces another photon color of the skinned weapon. A Photon Filter can be used on the resulting item to change its color again.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Enemy Drops[edit | edit source]

Section ID Difficulty Enemy Drop Rate
Redria Ultimate Dubchich (E2) 1/3900
Oran Ultimate Pan Arms (E1) 1/1820
Yellowboze Ultimate Ze Boota 1/3316

Events[edit | edit source]

Photon Filter can be obtained from the Anniversary Badge Shop in exchange for 35 Anniv. Gold Badges.

Gallery[edit | edit source]