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A team is a group of players organized in-game who come together for one purpose or another. Common reasons for creating or joining a team include having a reliable group to hunt items and level up with, being able to play Point of Disaster, or just having a pretty icon next to your name. Team creation is unrestricted on Ephinea, but certain team functions (team flag, dressing room, additional members, and team quests) aren't available until they've been unlocked by spending Team Points. A player can only belong to one team at a time.

Teams are distinct from parties, which are the standard four-player games in PSO.

Team organization[edit | edit source]

Teams are made up of Team Masters, Team Leaders, and common team members.

Team Masters have access to all aspects of a team, including the Master Menu. Team Masters can appoint other members to the position of Team Leader. By default, a team's creator is also the Team Master, but the Team Master can transfer the rank to another player. A team is limited to one Team Master.

Team Leaders are tasked with inviting new members to a team. Other than that, they don't have access to any special team functions. The number of Leaders on a team is limited by the team's maximum member number - more Leaders can be appointed if the member cap is raised by spending Team Points.

Former Team Masters have no special access to team functions. They are denoted with a special color in the team member list and in their team name in the lobby. This rank is automatically granted to a Team Master who transfers the role of Team Master to another player. The current Team Master can demote a player from this rank.

The rest of a team is made up of regular members (also called Common Class). Common members of a team have access to the team chat, the member list, and any benefits the team has unlocked. When a new member is invited to a team, they're designated as a Common member by default.

Team members have their team name shown in the lobby if the Tab key is pressed. If a team has their flag unlocked and set up, the flag is displayed next to the player's name as well.

Establishing a team[edit | edit source]

Anyone can create a team as long as they aren't already part of one. Team creation is done at the Information Counter in the Visual Lobby by selecting the "Team" option and then selecting "Create Team". Creating a team has no associated costs. Team names cannot be longer than 12 characters and spaces are automatically removed; additionally, a team name can't be a duplicate of one already in use.

Inviting members[edit | edit source]

Team Masters and Team Leaders can invite players to their team with the "Invite Members" function in the Team section of the in-game menu. Players who are already part of a team can't be invited to another; they must first leave their current team using the Team function at the lobby counter.

Team Points[edit | edit source]

Acquiring Team Points[edit | edit source]

Team Points are acquired using the "Point Register" function in the Team section of the in-game menu. Rare items can be traded for Team Points, and the item is consumed in the process. The item's rarity determines how many Team Points are earned by trading it in, with a few exceptions.

Rarity Team Points
9★ 1 pt
ES 5 pt
10★ 10 pt
11★ 50 pt
12★ 100 pt

"Team Points" items are another method to accrue spendable Team Points below. These can be accredited into usable points via the "Point Register" menu, identically to how rare items can be converted to points. Team Points 500, Team Points 1000, Team Points 5000, or Team Points 10000 items can be purchased as described below, and transferred between players via the Trade Window like any other item.

Points accrued via Team Point items will not affect the player's or team's Team Ranking standing.

Spending Team Points[edit | edit source]

Team points can be spent to purchase the below privileges or items only by the current Team Master via the lobby counter's Team menu. Select Team, Master Menu, then Buying Privileges to see the available options.

Team privileges[edit | edit source]

  • Team Flag - 1000 Team Points
  • Dressing Room - 1000 Team Points
  • Member Limit 20 (Up to 3 Leaders) - 1000 Team Points
  • Member Limit 40 (Up to 5 Leaders) - 2000 Team Points
  • Member Limit 70 (Up to 8 Leaders) - 5000 Team Points
  • Member Limit 100 (Up to 10 Leaders) - 10000 Team Points
    • Note that the member limit tiers can be skipped; for example, Member Limit 70 can be purchased before Member Limit 20 or Member Limit 40.
  • Team Quest: Point of Disaster - 1500 Team Points
  • Team Quest: The Robots' Reckoning - 1500 Team Points
Team Flag[edit | edit source]

A team's flag is an emblem displayed next to every team member's name in the lobby, as well as on Union Guards and Union Fields. A team flag is a 32x32 bmp image saved as flag.bmp in the teamflag folder in the Ephinea directory. If a flag is larger than 32x32, PSO will automatically resize it. Any black (#000000) pixels in the image become transparent when the flag is displayed in game.

To upload and update the team flag, first place the file correctly and purchase the Team Flag privilege. Then, access the lobby counter's Team menu and navigate to Master Menu followed by Team Flag Records and accept the option to load the flag.bmp.

Team items[edit | edit source]

Any Team item purchased will be placed into the Team Master's current character's bank. If there is no space for an item there, Team items will be temporarily omitted from the Buying Privileges menu.

  • Master's Sword icon.pngCommander Blade - 5000 Team Points
    • Only one Commander Blade can be purchased per team.
  • Union Guard - 100 Team Points
  • Union Field - 100 Team Points
  • Team Points 500 - 500 Team Points
  • Team Points 1000 - 1000 Team Points
  • Team Points 5000 - 5000 Team Points
  • Team Points 10000 - 10000 Team Points
    • The primary function of these "Team Points" items is to be traded to players outside of a team, but they can also be used for a head start if the Team Master wishes to create a new team.