Episode 2: Stage 1/Guide

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Area 1[edit | edit source]


1. Clear, go south

2. Clear, go south

3. Press switch, let one player through. That player breaks one of the barriers to access the switch (avoid/kill floor traps), let the other players exit west, then wait for east door to open

4. Clear, go north. Press switch, take warp

5. Clear, go north (ignore hallway enemies)

6. Clear, go east

7. Clear, go south

8. Press west switch to raise bridge. One player press switch to let other three warp, then wait for south exit to open

9. Clear, go south

10. Clear, go east

11. Clear, go south to exit

Area 2[edit | edit source]


1. Clear, go east

2. Clear, go north (ignore hallway enemies)

3. Clear, go east, warp

4. Clear, go east

5. Clear, go north to exit

Area 3[edit | edit source]


1. Clear, go north

2. Clear, go north

3. Clear, go northeast

4. Clear, go southwest

5. Press button to allow two players through south, then those players press button to allow first two players through north

Team A (north):

6a. Clear, go west (ignore hallway Hilde)

6b. Press button to raise bridge (this triggers floor traps). Clear and go west

Team B (south):

6c. Press four corner buttons and go west

6d. Clear, go west

6e. Clear, go north

6f. Clear, go northwest

7. Clear, go north

8. Clear, go east

9. (see map for color coded key)

9.1 Press first button to allow Player 1 through the gate.

9.2 Player 1 presses the east button to allow all three players through the gate on the west wall.

9.3 Players 2-4 press the next button on the west wall to allow the Player 1 through their gate.

9.4 Player 1 presses the first switch to the west to allow Players 2-4 through the next gate

9.5 Player 1 presses the last switch to the east to allow Players 2-4 through the next gate.

9.6 Players 2-4 press the switch on the north wall to allow Player 1 through their last gate (do not warp). All players go east

10. Clear, go north to exit

Area 4[edit | edit source]


Choose one player each for the following routes:

1.1 Go west

1.2 Clear, go south

1.3 Go south

1.4 Clear, go west

1.5 Clear, go north

1.6 Clear, go north, press switch and warp

2.1 Press four corner buttons and go north

2.2 Clear, go east

2.3 Clear, go south

2.4 Clear, go south

2.5 Clear, go west, press switch and warp

3.1 Clear, go south

3.2 Clear, go east

3.3 Clear, go south, press switch and warp

4.1 Clear, go south

4.2 Clear, go south

4.3 Clear, go east, press north switch to unlock gate and continue. Press switch and warp

After warping, all players go to room 5

5. Press switch to raise bridge, Clear, go north to exit

Area 5[edit | edit source]


1. Clear, go south (only need to kill rappy to west?)

2. Clear, go west

3. Clear, go south and warp

4. Clear, go north

5. Clear, go north

6. Clear, go east to exit (ignore hallway Hilde)

Area 6[edit | edit source]


1. Clear, go south

2. Press button, have one team use the west warp which allows the other team to use the east warp

Team A (west warp/w1):

3a. Press southwest switch, Clear. Go west when door opens and press south switch, then continue west when door opens

3b. Clear, go south

Team B (east warp/w2):

3c. Go west when door opens, then press south switch. Continue west when next door opens and press north switch, then continue west to 4

4. Clear, go west

5. Press switch to allow one player to warp, then that player presses switch to allow others to cross bridge. Clear, go southeast

6. Clear, go east

7. Break the third barrier from the door to proceed to the south wall and warp

8. Clear, go north, warp

9. Clear, go west

10. Clear, go north

11. Clear, go east (ignore hallway Monest)

12. Clear, go east

13. Clear, go north to boss