Episode 2: Stage 1/Guide

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General Information[edit | edit source]

  • Ignore enemies in the hallways unless otherwise directed.
  • HUcasts can use a Handgun at Level 6 instead of Level 7 if they feed their Mag a combination of 7 Antidotes/Antiparalysis. Since HUcasts start with only 3 Antidotes and 3 Antiparalysis, they will need another player to drop one of these items, or to find an additional Anti type item to feed their Mag. - 2 Sol Atomisers can be used instead of the 7th Anti also.
  • Save Monogrinders/Digrinders/Trigrinders for the best set of Daggers you can find with hit or A.Beast to use in the boss fight against Barba Ray.
  • Zonde and Resta Techniques can be useful for a Force if found. As Resta 3 does not drop in this stage, other players will have to rely on Monomates to heal.
  • Keep track of how many Knight/Power units your party has and make sure they are distributed accordingly. On a similar note, keep track of how many slots each player has available. Even Forces can benefit from the increased ATP, as a Saber is preferable for them to techniques during the fight against Barba Ray and during the stage a Saber can help them finish off enemies without using another tech.
  • The pillars that stomp deal 50 set damage. There is two stomping pillars in Area 6 that come down at the same time dealing 100 set damage in total.

FOnewearl breakpoints[edit | edit source]

Number of Mind Materials Required to KO
Enemy name Technique casted Number of casts Total MST required Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Rag Rappy Barta 1 90 1 0
Grass Assassin Foie 3 107 2 1 0
So Dimenian Barta 4 109 2 1 0
La Dimenian Barta 2 111 3 2 1 0
Hildebear Barta 6 113 3 2 1 0
So Dimenian Zonde 3 142 6 5 4 3
Poison Lily Foie 1 146 6 5 4
Hildebear Barta 5 163 8 7 6 5
Dimenian Foie 1 183 10 9 8 7
  • Although Dark Belra has a lower resistance to Zonde type attacks, the Foie LV3 that FOnewearl starts with deals more damage than Zonde LV1 until the player reaches a minimum of 150 MST.

Area 1[edit | edit source]


1. Clear the following spawns:

2. Clear 2 Poison Lilies and loot the boxes

3. Stand on the button to let one player go south through the fence. All remaining players wait at the west door. Once through the fence, the solo player breaks the walls and stands on the button briefly to let the main party through the western door. Standing on the button spawns foie traps from the ground. The solo player destroys the Southern, Western, then Northern foie traps in that order, then waits at the eastern door.

4. Clear Monest and Mothmants; loot boxes in the southwest; head north, press the button, and warp.

5. Clear the following spawns, then loot the boxes:

6. Clear the following spawns, then head East:

  • 3 Rag Rappies (If an android is first in the room, they can place a Damage Trap in the middle of the room and run to the west in order to scare the Rappies)
  • 3 Dimenians, 1 Poison Lily

7. Clear 3 Dimenians, then go South

8. Press west switch to raise bridge. One player stands on the switch to let the others warp, then waits for the south exit to open

9. Clear 2 Grass Assassins, then go South

10. Clear 1 Hildebear, then head East.

11. Clear 3 La Dimenians, then head South to the next area.

Area 2[edit | edit source]


This area is identical to the Temple portion of the quest Respective Tomorrow.

1. Clear the following spawns and loot the boxes:

2. Watch out for a foie trap to the left upon entering. Clear 1 La Dimenian and 2 Dimenians before heading North.

3. Clear the following spawns:

4. Clear the following spawns:

If desired, there is a ring and a group of boxes containing a Scape Doll to the North. Otherwise, head East.

Hug the right side of the hallway to avoid the traps, opening boxes as you walk.

5. Clear the following spawns, while watching out for damage traps:

Area 3[edit | edit source]


1. Clear the following spawns, then go north:

2. Clear 1 Dark Belra

3. Clear 2 Dimenians, 1 La Dimenian and 1 Monest before taking the outside hallway. There is a falling trap as soon as the player leaves the main room.

4. Clear

5. At this point the party splits. To the north are a number of Hildebear spawns which are best handled by a Hunter with a hit Handgun, or by a Force if none have dropped. Everyone else should head South. In 2 player runs, a Force often goes north even if a hit Handgun has been found. Step on the button to clear the barrier, and make sure all players have made it past the barrier before proceeding.

Team A (north):

6a. Clear 1 Hildebear. There are many traps in this room, so if you cannot disarm them, walk around the edge of the room instead of approaching the center to ensure safety. Head West.

6b. Press button to raise bridge (this triggers 2 foie traps to the players left and right) Cross the bridge to spawn 1 Hildebear. Barta will not work if the player or the enemy is on the bridge, so lure the enemy off the bridge first. 2 Hildebears will spawn afterwards. Clear and then head West.

Team B (south):

6c. Press the four corner buttons (you will need to destroy boxes), kill 4 Dimenians, and head West.

6d. Clear, then go west. Watch for falling traps in the middle of the room.

6e. Clear 4 La Dimenians, then go North

6f. Clear the following spawns, then go northwest. Watch for falling traps in the middle of the room again.

7. Clear Poison Lilies. The Northwest and Middle buttons open the pathway to the ring to the West. The way forward is North.

8. Clear 3 La Dimenians and 1 Monest, then proceed East.

9. (see map for color coded key) This puzzle requires 2 players to stand on certain buttons to open up fences for each other. The player who enters the maze to the right (East) will press the right button in the first pair, the left button in the second pair, and then the right button in the third pair. Make sure that your teammates have made it through the corresponding barrier before moving off each button. Do not take the warp here, it will cause you to backtrack.

10. Clear 3 Hildebears. Make sure to use a Freeze Trap if playing an Android to make the fight easier. Forces should try to hit at least 2 Hildebears with each cast of Barta.

Area 4[edit | edit source]


There are 4 switches scattered throughout the area that must be pressed before moving on. Pressing the switches and warping back to the starting point will spawn foie traps on the East and West side of the bridge. It is significantly more efficient if the party splits up to press each switch.

"Lily" Route (One of the longer routes, ideal for a Force or a Hunter with a Hit Handgun):

1.1 Go west

1.2 Clear 5 Poison Lilies, go south

1.3 Go south

1.4 Clear 3 So Dimenians, go west. In the hallway are 3 breakable barriers and traps. Approach the first breakable barrier from the left, the second from the right, and the third from the left to avoid the traps.

1.5 Clear 4 Poison Lilies, then go North.

1.6 There are numerous foie traps in this room. Standing on the left side in the middle and attacking from a distance will keep the player safe. clear the following spawns, then head North, press the switch, and warp.

"Nests" route (One of the longer routes, consider sending 2 people here in larger parties. Weapons with the Dim special will be useful against the Monests here):

2.1 Clear 2 Dimenians, Press four corner buttons, then go north

2.2 Clear 2 So Dimenians, 1 Dimenian, then head East

2.3 Clear the following spawns:

There are 8 boxes to the North of this room, 4 of which contain weapons. It is highly recommended to check these boxes. Head South afterwards, dodging the foie traps.

2.4 Clear the following spawns:

2.5 Watch for foie traps spawning from the middle divider. Clear 2 Grass Assassins, 2 La Dimenians, and 1 Dimenian. Go west, press the switch switch, and warp.

"Belra" route (ideal for a Hunter with a handgun. Arguably the worst route for a Force.):

3.1 Clear, go south

3.2 Go east. There are 2 breakable walls in the hallway, 2 stomping pillars, and one Dark Belra (which you don't have to kill). Both breakable walls require 9 attacks to break. Attack the first one with a handgun if you have one, luring the Belra to the corner. Sneak past the Belra and attack the second breakable wall with a handgun, then continue East. If the player doesn't have a handgun, they can attack the barrier 4 times, retreat or take the hit from the stomping pillar, and then attack the barrier 5 times to open the pathway.

3.3 Watch for foie traps spawning from the middle divider. If possible, destroy them before the second spawn. Clear the following spawns, then go south, press the switch, and warp.

"Bridge" route (The shortest route of all):

4.1 Clear, go south

4.2 Go south

4.3 Clear 2 Poison Lilies, 2 La Dimenians, then head East. Attack the button on your left (North), then press the switch. Consider backtracking South to open up the ring, or North to do the Belra route if no one has done it yet. Otherwise, take the warp.

After warping, all players go to room 5

5. Press switch to raise bridge. Clear the following spawns, then go north to the next area.

Area 5[edit | edit source]


1. Ignore or clear the first Hildebear that spawns. Clear the 2 Rag Rappies to the West, then head South.

2. Clear the following spawns, then head West:

Hug the left side of the hallway to avoid traps.

3. Destroy the breakable wall to cross the bridge. Clear the following spawns, then head South:

4. 2 Players need to step simultaneously on the switches on the balcony on the East and West side of the room to open the door. There is a set Scape Doll in the box on the West side. Clear the 3 Poison Lilies if desired, then head North.

5. Clear 2 Monests, use the ring to the West if needed, then head North.

6. Clear the following spawns, then head East to the warp:

Area 6[edit | edit source]


1. Clear 2 Hildebears, then go south

2. Ignore the traps because they take a while to detonate. Stand on the button to open the right (West) warp. One player should take this warp, which opens the left (East) warp. The remaining players should warp at the same time through the left (East) warp so that they can walk past the Dark Belra in the hallway instead of fighting it.

Right (West) warp (solo player):

3a. All the Poison Lilies in this room are optional to defeat. In order to open up the gates for your teammates, press the switch that is further from your intial warp point, then head into the hallway and press the switch that is closer to you.

3b. Clear the following spawns, loot the northern boxes, then head South:

Left (East) warp (all other teammates):

3c. If the team warped together successfully, you can walk past the Dark Belra in the hallway. Otherwise, defeat it so that all teammates can get through. At the first set of switches, press the one that is further from your warp point. At the second set of switches, press the one that is closer to your warp point. Continue West.

4. Clear the following spawns, then head West:

5. One player stands on the button to let the rest warp. There is another button at the south end of this room, which disables the barrier for the bridge, spawns 2 foie traps on the bridge, and spawns the first wave of enemies. An android should stand on this switch and freeze trap immediately, staying on the button until all party members have crossed safely. Clear the following spawns, then head East:

There is a stomper in the hallway to the East that deals 100 set damage. Be careful not to be hit, as this is enough to kill certain classes even if the player has full HP.

6. Clear, go east

7. Break the third barrier from the door to proceed to the south wall and warp

8. Clear 4 Poison Lilies, take the outside walkway, avoiding the stomping pillars, head North, and warp.

9. Clear the following spawns, then head West:

10. Go north

11. Clear the following spawns:

  • 6 Dimenians (One cast should stand in the middle of the room and use all remaining Damage traps)
  • 6 La Dimenians (In the same spot, trapshoot a Confuse trap)
  • 6 So Dimenians (Trapshoot a confuse trap in the same spot again)

12. Clear 3 So Dimenians, 2 Poison Lilies, then head East.

13. Clear 3 Dark Belra, using all remaining Freeze traps, then head north to fight Barba Ray.