Sealed items

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Sword icon.pngSealed J-Sword, the first sealed item introduced

Sealed items are special items which transform into other items after a certain amount of kills have been obtained with the item equipped. After the appropriate amount of kills have been obtained, the item will have a Use option while equipped, which will transform the item into its upgraded version.

The amount of kills an item has obtained can be checked with the server command /killcount typed into chat, which will display a banner across the top of the screen for all sealed items currently in the inventory. Note that it is best to use this command after initially connecting to the server, or after switching ship or block, as the amount of kills stored by the client and server can become desynchronised.

The amount of kills an item has is stored as part of its item hex code. Importantly, for weapons this data is stored in the same location as the third attribute slot, therefore Sword icon.pngSealed J-Sword and Sword icon.pngLame d'Argent (along with their unsealed counterparts) can only have a maximum of two attributes instead of the standard three.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

A sealed item can only gain kills while it is equipped, and the player who has the item equipped must deal the final hit on an enemy for the kill to be counted. The method of killing the enemy is not relevant, so both regular attacks and techniques can be used to gain kills providing they are the final hit to kill an enemy.

Normally, only one kill can be gained per in-game frame, but on Ephinea, all kills are counted by the server regardless. The in-game client still counts kills individually, so once an item has gained enough kills to be unsealed, it is necessary to resynchronise the data by reconnecting to the game, either by logging out or switching ship/block, as the Use option will not show otherwise, since the game client still believes that the item does not have enough kills.

List of sealed items[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Item Name Resulting Item Kills Required
Sword icon.pngSealed J-Sword Sword icon.pngTsumikiri J-Sword 23,000
Sword icon.pngLame d'Argent Sword icon.pngExcalibur 10,000

Units[edit | edit source]

Item Name Resulting Item Kills Required
Unit icon.pngLimiter Unit icon.pngAdept 20,000
Unit icon.pngSwordsman Lore Unit icon.pngProof of Sword-Saint 20,000