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Challenge mode is a secondary game mode that can be selected during party creation. It can be played in Episode 1 or Episode 2, and is divided into stages which are further divided into areas. Episode 1 has nine stages consisting of 46 total areas, and Episode 2 has five stages consisting of 29 total areas. Stages must be completed sequentially in order to progress.

At the beginning of each stage, players are set to a predetermined level based on the stage and given an inventory based on the stage and their class. At the beginning of each stage, players begin with one or more Tool icon.pngScape Dolls in their inventory. If any player in the party is killed without a Scape Doll in their inventory to revive them, the party fails the stage and will be forced to restart in order to continue.

Challenge mode is a timed game mode, and time is tracked per stage and per character. The timer starts at the beginning of the stage and ends when the final enemy in the stage is killed.

Stages[edit | edit source]

Challenge Mode Stages
Episode 1 Episode 2
Stage 1: Forest Stage 1: VR Temple
Stage 2: Cave 1 Stage 2: VR Spaceship
Stage 3: Cave 2 Stage 3: Central Control Area
Stage 4: Cave 3 Stage 4: Seabed
Stage 5: Mine 1 Stage 5: Tower
Stage 6: Mine 2
Stage 7: Ruins 1
Stage 8: Ruins 2
Stage 9: Ruins 3

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The rewards for challenge mode are based on the final rank and the episode in which it was played. The player will have their choice of the below rewards if they complete the corresponding challenge mode within the listed time frame.

Time Rank Reward Options
Episode 1 <7 hours S ES weapons (Episode 1)
7-13 hours A Shield icon.pngGods Shield "Suzaku"
>13 hours B Shield icon.pngGods Shield "Byakko"
Episode 2 <5 hours S ES weapons (Episode 2)
5-9 hours A Shield icon.pngYellow Ring
>9 hours B Frame icon.pngHunter Field
Frame icon.pngRanger Field
Frame icon.pngForce Field

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Because the two critical elements of challenge mode are getting a low time and staying alive, strategy for the game mode typically revolves around methods to optimize these two elements. For lowering time, this means clearing enemies efficiently and only doing what's necessary to proceed (i.e. not clearing any unnecessary enemies or pressing unnecessary switches). For staying alive, this means managing healing effects and dodging attacks to minimize deaths.

The following table contains links to guides written for each stage of Challenge mode. These guides include maps and describe the routes for completing each stage, including the necessary enemies to clear.

Episode 1 Clear Time Episode 2 Clear Time
Stage 1: Forest 13" Stage 1: VR Temple 65"
Stage 2: Cave 1 47" Stage 2: VR Spaceship 55"
Stage 3: Cave 2 40" Stage 3: Central Control Area 45"
Stage 4: Cave 3 45" Stage 4: Seabed 85"
Stage 5: Mine 1 40" Stage 5: Tower 50"
Stage 6: Mine 2 50"
Stage 7: Ruins 1 60"
Stage 8: Ruins 2 55"
Stage 9: Ruins 3 70"