Section IDs

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This article is about the different section IDs. If you are looking for advice on what section ID to pick, check out the appropriate class guide.
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Section IDs are special insignia that are assigned to every character on character creation that determine many of the common items and all of the rare items that can be found in a party hosted by that character. A character's section ID is permanent once the character has reached level 20; before this, it can be changed once with the /modsecid chat command.

List of section IDs[edit | edit source]

There are 10 different section IDs in Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst, each one having varying strengths and weaknesses. Section IDs have running themes amongst their drop tables, making many of them ideal for certain classes or playstyles depending on what the player wishes to hunt.

Icon Name Strengths Weaknesses Notable rare items Notable exclusives
Viridia icon.png Viridia ++ Common Shots
+ Common Partisans
-- Common Slicers
Greenill icon.png Greenill ++ Common Rifles
+ Common Daggers
- Common Shots
-- Common Swords
Skyly icon.png Skyly ++ Common Swords
+ Common Rifles
- Common Shots
-- Common Mechguns
Bluefull icon.png Bluefull ++ Common Partisans
+ Common Rods
- Common Shots
-- Common Wands
Purplenum icon.png Purplenum ++ Common Mechguns
+ Common Daggers
- Common Swords
- Common Partisans
Pinkal icon.png Pinkal ++ Common Wands
+ Common Partisans
- Common Shots
-- Common Rifles
Redria icon.png Redria + Common Frames
+ Common Slicers
-- Common Daggers
Oran icon.png Oran ++ Common Daggers
+ Common Swords
- Common Shots
-- Common Rods
Yellowboze icon.png Yellowboze + Meseta icon.pngMeseta drops
+ Attribute chance (Episode 1 only)
- Common Shots
Whitill icon.png Whitill ++ Common Slicers
+ Common Mechguns
-- Common Shots