Beat time

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Beat time (formally ".beat time") in Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst is a unique method of telling time created by the Swatch corporation. It was designed as a method of telling time independent from time zones (although it is globally based on the time zone UTC+1) by dividing the standard 24-hour day into 1,000 units called ".beats," with each .beat lasting an equivalent of 86.4 seconds. It was incorporated into Phantasy Star Online during development as a way to more easily facilitate the coordination of cross-continent gameplay.

Beat time can be observed in-game by opening the menu, with the current beat time - as well as the progression of the current .beat (represented by a green bar) - being displayed in the bottom-right corner.

Items[edit | edit source]

Certain pieces of equipment have mechanics that function differently depending on the current beat time.

Item Beat Time Condition(s) Effect(s)
Gun icon.pngHeaven Punisher
Hundreds digit of Beat Time is even Special attack becomes Divine Punishment
Gun icon.pngMille Marteaux
Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker Hundreds digit of Beat Time is even
(Mag icon.pngStriker Unit must be equipped)
Shield icon.pngEpsiguard Every two Beats Resistance changes, aesthetic changes
Unit icon.pngDivine Protection Hundreds digit of Beat Time is odd LCK is doubled, ELT and EDK increased by 20

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Sword icon.pngGalatine previously had its base ATP multiplied by a value depending on the beat time, but this was changed in an Ephinea update on April 30th, 2023. The color of the sword still changes from blue to yellow during the same times as before.
  • Sword icon.pngMorning Glory previously had its base ATP increased by a formula of Current Beat Time / 4, but this was also changed in an Ephinea update, shortly after Galatine was changed.