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HUmar is a human Hunter. He has the second highest ATP in the game, and has decent starting stats, having high HP, ATP, and decent ATA. With good equipment, he is able to do very good damage, as long as another party member or Photon Blast provides him with Shifta.pngShifta.

However, despite his description on the character creation screen, he is considered to be one of the least balanced and least versatile character types in the game due to not having access to traps, high level techniques, Shifta.pngShifta or Deband.pngDeband, or any special weapons from the Ranger arsenal. HUmar is only advised for players who wish to play a character which could be considered a challenge, as the lack of crowd control options means that players must be creative in how they tackle various different scenarios.

If the player is truly looking for a character type suited for beginners, or a jack-of-all-trades, RAmar and RAmarl are advised over HUmar. If the player wishes to play a Hunter specifically, HUnewearl is more beginner friendly than HUmar due to her access to good support techniques.

Pros and cons[edit | edit source]


  • Second highest ATP - Allows HUmar to do lots of damage in the right scenarios
  • Access to powerful Hunter weapons - Weapons such as Sword icon.pngDark Flow and Sword icon.pngVjaya allow HUmar to do extremely high damage, albeit only in specific scenarios and for high costs


  • Limited effective range - In comparison to Rangers and Forces, Hunters do not have as much area-of-effect range, meaning their effectiveness is lowered if not positioned correctly
  • Bad for solo play - Without access to Shifta, HUmar must rely on Sword icon.pngS-Red's Blade, making him weaker than both HUcast and HUnewearl in solo play
  • Low level techniques - HUmar's techniques have slow casting speed and low range, making them less useful for purposes such as stun locking or crowd control
  • Ineffective crowd control - Without access to traps, higher level techniques, or the Ranger weapons, HUmar can struggle with crowd control

Section ID choice[edit | edit source]

Note that the section ID choices below are merely suggestions, and are not required choices for playing HUmar. All IDs have tangible benefits, leaving ID selection up to player preference. Below are a few recommended IDs for HUmar depending on what type of item coverage is preferred.

Finding items for HUmar[edit | edit source]

Skyly icon.pngSkyly

Skyly has access to many essential HUmar items and an increased rate of finding sword-type weapons, which is important in the early game and for finding Hit Sword icon.pngCaliburs later. Specific items include Sword icon.pngDaylight Scar, Sword icon.pngSealed J-Sword, Sword icon.pngZanba, Shield icon.pngRed Ring, and Sword icon.pngLame d'Argent.

Finding items that HUmar hunts well[edit | edit source]

Viridia icon.pngViridia

Hunters are potent boss killers, and Viridia is ideal for hunting bosses, as Shield icon.pngRed Ring and Tool icon.pngParasitic Gene "Flow" are coveted drops which only drop from the bosses at the end of Episode 1 and Episode 2. Gun icon.pngL&K38 Combat is also an item that can be hunted while hunting bosses.

General good ID[edit | edit source]

Whitill icon.pngWhitill

Whitill is a powerful ID that gets many coveted and valued items in almost every area in the game. Whitill is the most unrestrictive ID, giving players the freedom to play any content and still have the chance of scoring something big, in contrast to more restrictive IDs such as Bluefull icon.pngBluefull, which focus players into certain areas. Whitill finds many good items such as Unit icon.pngV502, Gun icon.pngHeaven Striker, Sword icon.pngDiska of Braveman, Gun icon.pngFrozen Shooter, Sword icon.pngSlicer of Fanatic, and more!

Material and Mag plans[edit | edit source]

Important Stats Only - Maxes important stats as early as possible. Recommended for leveling.
Min-Max - Maxes as many character specific stats as possible by level 200 using the minimum number of slot units. Recommended at level 200.
Max Stats - Attempts to max all stats at level 200. Ignores any sort of equipment efficiency. Not recommended.

With V101[edit | edit source]

Plan Mag Units Shield Materials
Power Def Mind Evade Luck Unused
Important Stats Only 5/147/48/0 Unit icon.pngV101 Shield icon.pngRed Ring 222 - - - 28 -
Min-Max (-3 EVP) 5/147/48/0 Unit icon.pngV101 Shield icon.pngRed Ring 73 69 52 28 28 -
Max Stats 5/147/48/0 Unit icon.pngV101, Unit icon.pngV801 Shield icon.pngRed Ring 73 69 49 30 28 1

Without V101[edit | edit source]

Plan Mag Units Shield Materials
Power Def Mind Evade Luck Unused
Important Stats Only 5/144/51/0 - Shield icon.pngRed Ring 215 - - - 35 -
Min-Max 5/144/51/0 - Shield icon.pngRed Ring 83 76 56 - 35 -
Max Stats 5/150/45/0 Unit icon.pngCenturion/Ability Shield icon.pngRed Ring 62 61 44 22 20 41

Equipment progression[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Recommended endgame equipment[edit | edit source]



  • 1 Target: Gun icon.pngRaygun (Charge, Berserk, Spirit)


Special Purpose