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Sword icon.pngExcalibur
Star normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar normal.pngStar rare.pngStar rare.pngStar rare.png
800 ATP
Max Grind
3 (
HUmr HUnl HUct HUcl
RAmr RAml RAct RAcl
FOmr FOml FOnm FOnl
H. Dist
H. Angle
V. Dist
V. Angle
A golden sword that gets even more powerful by sacrificing HP for a powerful attack.

Sword icon.pngExcalibur is a rare saber obtained by unsealing the rare saber Sword icon.pngLame d'Argent. It is considered the best saber in the game, having the second-highest ATP of all sabers, a Berserk special attack, and the ability to strike up to three targets at once.

Excalibur is commonly used on Rangers in order to defeat Satellite Lizards and Yowies with ease, but all classes can make use of its quick animation and high damage in many situations.

As Excalibur is a weapon originating from a sealed item, it can only have a maximum of two attributes instead of the usual three.

Set Effect[edit | edit source]

Item Name Effect
Unit icon.pngProof of Sword-Saint +30 ATA, +60 EVP, -20 DFP
Mag icon.pngTellusis +10% attack speed, +10 ELT and +10 EDK
Note: Multiple sources of attack speed increase will not stack; only the highest source will apply.

Reskins[edit | edit source]

Excalibur has Ephinea-exclusive cosmetic skins that can be obtained. This renames the Excalibur to Excalibur*. The skin can be removed via using Tool icon.pngNeutralizer, but you will not receive the used weapon skin back.

Skin Hex
Tool icon.pngHeart of Lollipop 00AC01
Tool icon.pngHeart of DB's Saber 00AC02
Tool icon.pngHeart of Ancient Saber 00AC03
Tool icon.pngHeart of Delsaber's Buster 00AC04
Tool icon.pngHeart of Flamberge 00AC05

Availability[edit | edit source]

Unsealing[edit | edit source]

Excalibur can be obtained by selecting the "Use" option on a Sword icon.pngLame d'Argent with 10,000 kills accumulated.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Excalibur is inspired by the legendary sword of the same name.
  • Stories of Excalibur originate from a Welsh sword called "Caledfwlch," meaning "hard cleft." Another saber, Sword icon.pngKaladbolg, shares this etymology.
  • This weapon appears as a Saber in Phantasy Star Portable 2, and appears alongside Lame d'Argent as a Twin Saber called 'Lambda Excalibur.'
  • Lambda Excalibur also appears as a weapon camo in Phantasy Star Online 2.
  • Excalibur was previously the highest ATP saber in the game, with its ATP only being surpassed by Sword icon.pngGalatine during its peak beat time. After an Ephinea update on April 30th, 2023 that removed its beat time mechanic, Galatine's ATP is now a fixed value of 990-1260.