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Weapons.png Weapons are basic equipment that are used to deal damage or inflict status effects on the various enemies of Ragol.

Saber, one of PSO's many weapons

All weapons do damage based off the ATP stat regardless of their type (melee, ranged, or technique), but many weapons also boost MST to improve the power of techniques, or increase the power of up to 3 specific techniques. In order to equip a weapon, players must meet its stat requirement, needing a certain amount of either ATP, ATA or MST to do so.

Weapon types

There are 19 types of weapons in Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst, split into 3 categories of weapons: melee, ranged, and technique. In general, Hunters can equip all the melee weapons, Rangers can equip all the ranged weapons and Forces can equip all the technique weapons, but many weapon types can be worn by other classes, and certain weapons can only be equipped by specific classes (such as HUcast or RAmarl).

For weapon types that can be equipped by multiple classes, usually off-classes (e.g. Hunters and Handguns) can equip lower tier weaponry, whereas the higher tier weaponry is usually restricted to the class the weapon type is designed for. For example, Heaven Striker can only be equipped by Rangers, despite handguns being equippable by all.

Category Type Classes
Sabers HU RA FO
Swords HU RA FO
Daggers HU RA FO
Partisans HU RA FO
Slicers HU RA FO
Double Sabers HU RA FO
Claws HU RA FO
Katanas HU RA FO
Twin Swords HU RA FO
Fists HU RA FO
Ranged Handguns HU RA FO
Rifles HU RA FO
Mechguns HU RA FO
Shots HU RA FO
Launchers HU RA FO
Technique Canes HU RA FO
Wands HU RA FO
Cards HU RA FO

ES weapons

Main article: ES weapons

ES weapons, informally known as S-Rank weapons or S-Ranks, are a special category of weapon which encompass all the weapon types and a few extras, such as the Needle. They have the visual of a basic weapon with a brown photon. Unlike regular weapons, they have a few unique properties:

  • Custom 8-character name (A-Z only)
  • Cannot have any attributes
  • Can have a custom special applied, which has no reduction regardless of weapon type.

They are obtained after the completion of Challenge Mode with an S-Rank rating, the choice of weapon depending on the episode cleared.

TypeM weapons

Main article: TypeM weapons

TypeM weapons are a special type of weapon introduced in Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. They have the appearance of the normal weapon with a white photon, but many TypeM weapons have different animations than what is expected of them. For example, the weapon TypeDS/Rod uses a Double Saber animation with a Rod model.

There are 6 special TypeM weapons on Ephinea available only from events that come with hit and a special:

Distances and angles

All weapons possess two weapon-only statistics: distances and angles. Simply put, they are the ranges of each weapon and determine the area that a weapon can strike in. They are split into two types, horizontal and vertical.


The horizontal distances and angles are the two variables which determine a weapon's forward reach and sideways reach. A weapon with a larger horizontal distance can reach further (e.g. Mechgun's 85 vs. Handgun's 170), while a weapon with a wider horizontal angle is able to reach enemies further to the side (e.g. Partisan's 40° vs Sword's 45°). A wide horizontal angle also gives many weapons "auto-aim", as the weapon's radius of attack will be very wide, similar to a Shot weapon.

An example diagram of Sword's and Mechgun's horizontal reach

The diagram to the left showcases an example of two weapons with their horizontal distances and angles. The black line is the weapon's horizontal distance, while the red lines are the constraints set by the horizontal angles. As can be seen, the sword has a rather wide area of attack, but does not reach very far. On the contrary, Mechgun reaches much further but can only aim at enemies almost directly in the line of sight.

An example diagram showing how the vertical distances and angles interact


The vertical distance refers to the vertical boundary at which a weapon can strike, while a vertical angle dictates the slope a projectile may take. An example of a large vertical angle is Heaven Striker's special attack, which can attack enemies directly above it. Note that Launcher and Card shots do not have large vertical angles, their shots simply have infinitely vertical range.

The diagram on the right shows an example of the vertical distances and angles. The black lines show the vertical boundary, but the vertical angle determines (as indicated by the red line) the maximum slope of the projectile.

Special attacks

Almost every weapon can also potentially have a special attached to it, allowing that weapon to deal special types of damage or trigger status effects. These specials are random on common weapons, but are predetermined on all rare weapons; this can include a weapon not having a special attack at all. Some weapons even have special attacks that can't be found on any other weapon. Non-rare weapons with special attacks must be tekked for the special attack to affect enemies properly.

Specials must connect to the target before being able to apply their effect, so high ATA (Attack Accuracy) helps.

ESP stat on enemies reduces Activation Chance for Freezing, Paralysis, and Confusion.

EDK stat on enemies reduces Activation Chance for Instant Kill.

Anguish mode Reduces Special effect efficiencies, among other effects.

The total formula to determine your special's chance to effect the target is:

  • Chance = ((Activation chance * Reduced special) + Cast ultimate modifier - ESP/EDK)
  • If Blizzard and on Ultimate, Chance = Min(Chance, 40)
  • Final Chance = Chance * V501/V502 multiplier

List of special attacks

Fire Damage Freezing (Note) Electric Damage
Rarity Special Name Damage Special Name Activation Rate Special Name Damage
1★ Heat (Lv. - 1)/4 +40 Ice 32% Shock (Lv. - 1)/4 +40
2★ Fire (Lv. - 1)/3 +60 Frost 48% Thunder (Lv. - 1)/3 +60
3★ Flame (Lv. - 1)/2 +80 Freeze 64% Storm (Lv. - 1)/2 + 80
4★ Burning (Lv. - 1) +100 Blizzard 80% Tempest (Lv. - 1) +100
Paralysis Confusion Instant Kill
Rarity Special Name Activation Rate Special Name Activation Rate Special Name Activation Rate
1★ Bind 32% Panic 28% Dim 48%
2★ Hold 48% Riot 44% Shadow 66%
3★ Seize 64% Havoc 60% Dark 78%
4★ Arrest 80% Chaos 76% Hell 93%
HP Steal (30/60/90/120 HP Max) TP Steal (25/50/75/100 TP Max) EXP Steal (80 EXP Max)
Rarity Special Name HP Drain Special Name TP Drain Special Name EXP Drain
1★ Draw 5% Heart 3% - -
2★ Drain 9% Mind 4% Master's 8%
3★ Fill 13% Soul 5% Lord's 10%
4★ Gush 17% Geist 6% King's 12%
Sacrificial Damage Increase Enemy HP Cut (Activation Rate 50%)
Rarity Special Name Sacrifice Special Name HP Cut from Enemy
2★ Charge 200 Meseta - -
3★ Spirit 1/5 TP (≥10 TP needed) Devil's 50% HP
4★ Berserk 1/4 HP (≥2 HP needed) Demon's 75% HP

Special attack modifiers

Weapon reduction

See also: List of weapons with reduced specials

Weapons which are listed on the above page suffer reduction when using any sort of special attack, except elemental damage and sacrifical damage increases.

Weapon Type Reduced By
Swords 1/2
Daggers 1/2
Partisans 1/2
Slicers 1/3
Mechguns 1/3
Shots 1/3

Android modification

In ultimate difficulty, androids receive modification to certain special attacks, listed below.

Special Type Modification
Confusion +30% base rate
Freeze +30% base rate
Paralysis +30% base rate
EXP Steal +30% stolen
Devil's 25% HP Cut
Demon's 45% HP Cut


The units below also boost the final rates of Confusion, Freezing, Paralysis and Instant Kill specials. Does not work on special effects from Techniques.

Unit Special Type Boost
V501 Confusion +50%
Freezing +50%
Paralysis +50%
Instant Kill +50%
V502 Confusion +50%
Freezing +50%
Paralysis +50%
Instant Kill +100%