List of weapons which cannot combo

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This page is a comprehensive list of weapons which cannot make a combo attack.

Melee weapons[edit | edit source]

Item Name
Sword icon.pngDark Flow
Sword icon.pngStar Song*

* Note: Not obtainable on Ephinea

Ranged weapons[edit | edit source]

Item Name
Gun icon.pngBelra Cannon
Gun icon.pngBurning Visit
Gun icon.pngDark Meteor
Gun icon.pngIron Faust
Gun icon.pngL&K38 Combat
Gun icon.pngMaster Raven
Gun icon.pngPower Maser
Gun icon.pngRianov 303SNR-5
Gun icon.pngRocket Punch
Gun icon.pngSnow Queen
Gun icon.pngTanegashima
Gun icon.pngES Punch

Bazookas[edit | edit source]

Item Name
Gun icon.pngAno Bazooka
Gun icon.pngCannon Rouge
Gun icon.pngGi Gue Bazooka
Gun icon.pngMeteor Rouge
Gun icon.pngNUG2000-Bazooka

Technique weapons[edit | edit source]

Item Name
Cane icon.pngEvil Curst
Cane icon.pngGlide Divine
Cane icon.pngThe Sigh of a God
Cane icon.pngSolferino
Cane icon.pngSiren Glass Hammer