Chat commands

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Chat commands are commands that players can input by using the in-game chat. Chat commands are always prefixed with the / character.

List of chat commands[edit | edit source]

/help[edit | edit source]

  • /morehelp: Displays additional helpful information.
  • /partyinfo: Displays the following information about the current party:
    • Experience Rate
    • Experience Share Settings
    • Drop Anything Rate
    • Rare Drop Rate
    • Drop Style
    • Section ID
    • Anguish Level
  • /setname x: Party leader only. Changes the party's name. 12 characters maximum.
  • /setpass x: Party leader only. Changes the party's password. Leave empty to remove. 16 characters maximum.
  • /lobby: Returns you to the lobby.
  • /purist: Toggles purist mode, which forces classic drop style with experience share off, along with 1x rates.
  • /pk: Enables a PvP flag in your current party. All players must have this enabled for any effect.
  • /showwep: Toggles whether to display untekked SPECIAL WEAPON names for your current character. Also displays the special of untekked common weapons.
  • /killcount: Displays kill count as seen by the server for currently equipped sealed items.
Note: Kill count is processed differently on the client and may require server re-synchronization via Change Block in order to unseal.
  • /bank: Toggles between character and shared bank.
  • /cbank x: Changes characters displayed at login. Ranges from 1 to 8 "character banks" for a total of 32 characters.
  • /forecast: Displays today's luck forecast.
  • /luck: Displays your current luck level.
  • /noluck: Toggles whether your current character receives the Rare Drop Rate boosts from the luck forecast.
  • /rbr: Displays the current Ragol Boost Road quests.
  • /modname x: Changes your character's name. 10 characters maximum.
  • /modsecid x: Changes your character's Section ID. This command can only be used once before level 20.
  • /matcount: Displays your character's material usage.
  • /matreset: Resets your character's material usage (excluding HP/TP).
  • /wipecmode: Deletes your character's Challenge Mode data.

/morehelp[edit | edit source]

  • /help: Displays additional helpful information.
  • /findprivacy: Toggles whether your rare drops will be displayed to the other players in your lobby and, for extremely rare drops, as a banner to the whole server.
  • /gamefilter: Shows only joinable parties at the lobby counter.
  • /ping: Check your ping to the current ship.
  • /time: Displays the current time in UTC.
  • /lang x: Sets the current language to English (1) or Japanese (2) for quests.
  • /bgm x: Sets background music volume. Ranges from 0 to 10.
  • /sfx x: Sets sound effect volume. Ranges from 0 to 10.
  • /mobhp: Enables or disables monster HP bars. On by default.
  • /resetmobhp: Sets monster HP bar parameters to default.
  • /mobhpfilled RRGGBB: Sets monster HP bar filled colour. RRGGBB refers to the colour hex value.
  • /mobhpfilling RRGGBB: Sets monster HP bar filling colour. RRGGBB refers to the colour hex value.
  • /mobhpdamage RRGGBB: Sets monster HP bar damaged colour. RRGGBB refers to the colour hex value.
  • /starttimer x: Starts a simple timer. If x is defined, the timer will countdown from the amount of seconds defined by x.
  • /freezetimer: Freezes the currently displayed timer.
  • /killtimer: Destroys the currently displayed timer.
  • /revealtimer: Reveals a destroyed timer.
  • /registertimer x,y,z: Creates a timer on standby waiting for register y to be set. The timer will automatically freeze once register z has been set. If x is set, the timer will count backwards from x number of seconds to 0.
  • /zonetimer x,y,z,r: Immediately starts a timer waiting for room z of floor y to be cleared. If r is set, the timer is created on standby, waiting for register r to be set before counting. If x is set, the timer will count backwards from x number of seconds to 0.

Other commands[edit | edit source]

  • /shortcuts: Toggles whether the following Ctrl shortcuts are enabled:
    • /hud or Ctrl+H: Toggles the visibility of in-game HUD, including the chat entry box.
    • /cam or Ctrl+C: Toggles PSO's handling of the camera, allowing you to control the camera using Mouse 2 and 3 (to move forward and backward, respectively) and Mouse 1 while dragging (to look around) when enabled. Holding either Shift key will speed up the camera's movement by 3x. The comma and period keys can be used to strafe the camera left and right, respectively.
    • /map or Ctrl+M: Toggles from the minimap to a large, higher view area map centered in the screen while on Ragol.
    • Ctrl+L: Reloads the ..\EphineaPSO\effectparam.txt file that contains various configurable graphic effects, including the following:
      • Ctrl+B: Toggles the ingame bloom shader.
      • Ctrl+O: Toggles and changes the level of the ingame ambient occlusion shader.
      • Ctrl+F: Toggles the ingame depth of field shader.
      • Ctrl+T: Toggles the ingame tonemapping shader.
  • /slowburst: Party leader only. Toggles the current party's fast or slow bursts during loading screens.
  • /burstpref: Toggles default preferences for fast or slow bursts during loading screens for parties led by your current character.

Sandbox mode only[edit | edit source]

These commands are only available to Sandbox mode accounts. Refer to this forum post for more detailed information on Sandbox mode and the /item, /warpall, and /warpme commands.

  • /addmeseta x: Creates the specified value of Meseta.
  • /item: Will create any item. Refer to the forum post above for the exact formatting and parameters.
  • /levelup x: Levels up your character to the specified level. Only usable on Ragol.
  • /redbox: Party leader only. Forces all drops to be rare.
  • /srank: Awards you an S-Rank Weapon the next Challenge Mode stage completed.
  • /warpall x: Party leader only. Warps everyone in the current party to a floor of your choice.
  • /warpme x: Warps you to a floor of your choice.