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Tool icon.png Photon Drop
Max Stack
High purity crystal Photon.
There is someone who needs this...
- In-game description

Photon Drop, commonly abbreviated as PD, is a unique item that is used as a common, valuable currency between players. Photon Drops can drop from any enemy or box in the game on any difficulty. They can also be given to Paganini in exchange for items and weapon enhancements. Paganini will trade various items for PDs, at prices ranging from 1 to 99 Photon Drops; he will also add specials to ES Weapons for set amounts of PDs, and he will add attributes to non-ES Weapons at a rate of 5% per 20 PDs.

Uses[edit | edit source]

In Gallon's Shop, talking to Hopkins with at least one Photon Drop on hand and selecting "Yes" will prompt him to bring the player to his father, Paganini. "Exchange for an item" is the only available option by default, but others can be unlocked after completing special prerequisites in other quests.

Exchanging for Items[edit | edit source]

Selecting "Exchange for an item" will allow the player to trade all of the Photon Drops in their inventory for an item from Paganini; the selection of items he offers depends on the number of PDs in the player's inventory.

# of PDs Items Offered
1 AddSlot, Assist Barrier, Recovery Barrier
20 Berill Photon, Blue Barrier, Broom, Flower Cane, Magic Water, Nei's Claw (Replica), Parasitic Cell Type D, Red Barrier, Yellow Barrier
50 Blue-black Stone, Magic Rock "Heart Key", Photon Booster
99 Photon Sphere

Adding Specials to ES Weapons[edit | edit source]

If the player brings Paganini the data from the terminal at the top of East Tower, the "Modify ES Weapon" option will be available. This allows the player to add a special attack to their ES Weapon, with the available specials depending on the number of PDs in the player's inventory and the ES Weapon in question.

# of PDs Specials Offered
20 HP Revival*, TP Revival*
30 Blizzard, Burning, Tempest
40 Berserk, Chaos, Geist, Gush, King's, Spirit
50 Arrest, Demon's, Hell
60 Jellen, Zalure

* HP Revival and TP Revival refer to passive recovery over time, similar to the HP/Revival and TP/Revival units.

Note that ES Knuckle cannot receive HP Revival and TP Revival, ES Psychogun can only receive HP Revival and TP Revival, and ES Windmill can only receive HP Revival, Jellen, TP Revival, and Zalure.

Adding Attributes to Weapons[edit | edit source]

First the player must collect the East Tower data by following these steps:

  • Start the East Tower quest
  • Talk to Hopkins in the lab
  • Clear East Tower and kill Epsilon then interact with the terminal
  • Return to the lab and talk to Hopkins

Then if the player brings Paganini the data from the terminal in Seabed during the West Tower quest, the "Enhance weapon's Photon" option will be available. This allows the player to add and boost attribute percentages on their weapons for a set amount of PDs, at 4 PD per 1%, or 20 PDs per 5% on an attribute. A Photon Sphere can also be used to add 30% to an attribute, but only if the attribute in question is at or below 70%. There are some restrictions to adding attributes:

Availability[edit | edit source]

Black Paper's Dangerous Deal[edit | edit source]

Note that all rates are the chance of getting an item per Photon Crystal, not per roll.

Quest Difficulty Rate
Black Paper's Deal 2 Normal 1/9
Hard 1/16
Very Hard 1/8.76
Ultimate 1/8.76

Quest Reward[edit | edit source]

Photon Drop can be obtained from the Lucky Roulette in Gallon's Shop. If the roulette lands on Paganini after obtaining both God's Shields from him, the player is rewarded a Photon Drop.

Photon Drop can be obtained from the gambling terminal in To The Deepest Blue -MA4 Venue-. After every first-prize item has been won once, any more first-prize wins will be rewarded with a Photon Drop.

Photon Drop can be obtained from the Beak's Cafe roulette.

Events[edit | edit source]

Photon Drop could be obtained from a Present on Normal difficulty in 2015, all difficulties in 2016, and Normal and Hard difficulties in 2017.

Photon Drop was given as a consolation prize for failing the 5-Egg gambles in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Egg Shops, as well as the 10-Egg gamble in the 2016 and 2018 Egg Shops.