Episode 2: Stage 4/Guide

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*Active/Inactive Recobox refers respectively to whether or not the Recobox is spawning Recons

Area 21[edit | edit source]



1a. Clear 2 squids, go north

1b. Clear, go north

1c. Clear, go north

1d. Clear, go east and warp


1f. Clear, go west


1g. Clear, go north

1f. Ignore enemies, go southeast


1e. Wait for door to open, then go west


1i. Clear, go northeast (Clear one Recobox in hall to continue)

1j. Clear, go west

1k. Clear active Recoboxes, then go north

1l. Clear, go west

2. Clear, go south

3. Clear Deldepths, go west to exit

Area 22[edit | edit source]


1. Go west

2. Clear Squids, go south (skip Sinow in hall), warp

3. Clear everything but Recoboxes, then go south

4. Clear second Recobox on bridge to continue south (Clear hallway enemies)

5. Clear Sinows, go east

6. Break barrier, Clear Recoboxes that spawn Recons, then go east

7. Clear Squids and Sinows, then go north and warp

8. Clear Deldepths, then go north (skip Sinow in hall)

9. Clear active Recoboxes, then go north to exit

Area 23[edit | edit source]


1. Clear, go east

2. Clear, go east, go south in hall and warp

West team:

3a. Go west and kill hall enemies

East team:

3b. Go east (ignore Recoboxes)

3c. Clear Squids, go northwest

4. Clear, go south, clear the hallway Sinow and warp

5. ALL PLAYERS HUG MIDDLE OF WEST WALL. Clear Squids and Deldepths to auto-warp.

6. Clear, go north (Clear the last hallway Recobox to continue)

7. Clear all except Recoboxes, go west and warp

8. Clear and take the warp that appears

9. Attack the terminal  and go east through hall

10. Clear active Recoboxes and go east

11. Clear, go southeast. In the hall, let one player through the east gate so they can let the other players through the south one to warp

12. Clear, go south, warp (warp should appear for solo player too)

13.  Clear, go south to exit

Area 24[edit | edit source]


West team:

1a. Clear, go northwest

1b. Clear Recoboxes, go east and warp. Go east in hall to press poison switch, then go south in hall

East team:

1c. Go north

1d. Clear, go east

1e. Clear Delbiter, go north

1f. Clear all except inactive Recoboxes, go north (skip Sinow in hall)

1g. Clear Squids and Sinows, go north

2. Clear, press switches, go north

3. Clear squids, go north

4. Clear Sinow, go east (break hall barriers)

5. Clear, go east to exit

Area 25[edit | edit source]


1. Clear, go east

2. Clear, go east (ignore hallway enemies)

3. Clear, go south to press poison switch, then go east and clear Sinow in hall

4. Clear all but inactive Recoboxes, go west

5. Clear Delbiter, go south and warp

6. Clear Sinows, go west

7. Clear active Recoboxes, go west

8. Clear 2 Sinows, go west to exit (clear Sinow in hall)

Area 26[edit | edit source]


*Open menu when going through x/o hallways. It prevents you from being auto-warped even if on the bad side

1. Go through hall, clearing Recoboxes

2. Clear, go northwest

3. Clear, go northwest

4. Clear, go west

5. Clear, go north

6. Clear Deldepths, go east, warp

7. Clear Sinows, go south, warp

8. Clear, go southeast, press switch, then return and go northeast

9. Clear, go northwest, use the north hallway to auto-warp (w5) to boss