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This page is about user-wrapped items.
Tool icon.png Present (Christmas) for the Presents that drop from enemies during Christmas Events or are obtained from the Quest icon.png Christmas Event Shop.
Tool icon.png Christmas Present for the Presents that drop from St Rappies or are obtained from Quest icon.png Pioneer Christmas as special one-time rewards.

Tool icon.png Presents are wrapped items that can be traded with or given to others for aesthetic or entertainment purposes due to the intent of surprise. Initially, one can wrap using the default (white packaging with pink ribbon) wrapping found at Quest icon.png Gallon's Shop. Doing this with other options requires "Wrapping Papers" or participating in Quest icon.png Pioneer Christmas and completing the game series found in the Mountain Area.

Because they simply mask items with a different appearance and description, they do not have their own item hex code and instead reuse the hex information of the original item.


Using a Tool icon.png Present will reveal the original item that was inside.

Aside from the earlier mention of use in giving or trading with other players, there are some other purposes for Presents within certain quests.

Unlocking Wrapping Papers

If you have any presents of a different color than those you can wrap at Quest icon.png Gallon's Shop, going to that quest and showing them to a man looking at Ragol (XZ: 320, -165) outside the shop will unlock alternative "Wrapping Papers".
Note: Your present will not be lost in the process.


  • Tool icon.png Presents (Christmas) obtained during Christmas Events as drops from properly-defeated enemies or from the Quest icon.png Christmas Event Shop are not acknowledged by this NPC.
  • While the NPC will appreciate having seen a Tool icon.png Christmas Present, they will not accept it for unlocking alternate wrapping paper.

Quest Turn-ins

Giving an NPC in Pioneer Christmas wrapped Presents of all nine initially-locked wrapping papers at once will award the player's character one time only with a Christmas Present.
WARNING: All Presents given this way will be lost. It is advised to buy cheap Frame icon.png Frames as a low-level character to wrap for this purpose.



Wrapping an item into a Tool icon.png Present costs 30 "Gallon Points" or 10,000 Meseta icon.png Meseta at Gallon's Shop.
Most items, such as Sword icon.pngGun icon.pngCane icon.png weapons, Frame icon.png frames/armors and Shield icon.png barriers/shields, can be wrapped.
Some items, such as Mate icon.pngFluid icon.png consumables, other Tool icon.png Tools and Unit icon.png Units, cannot be wrapped.

Quest Rewards

During Christmas Events, Pioneer Christmas allows players to wrap an eligible item (as seen in the prior section) for free after participating in the quest's games, in the Mountain Area.
The selected color(s) of "Wrapping Papers" is based on using your account's Guild Card ID and finding its remainder after dividing it by 9 (GuildCardID modulus 9).