Dr. Osto's Research

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Quest icon.png Dr. Osto's Research
Episode 1
Category: Side Story
Client: Three scientists
Reward: 4000 Meseta
Info: Find Dr. Osto's notes. He was onboard Pioneer 1!
Author: Sonic Team
Languages: English, Japanese
Total XP

896 3020 5795 15972

865 2995 5713 15249

We want to see Dr. Osto's Research memo. Dr. Osto is a renowned doctor who was aboard Pioneer One.
- Quest description

Converting Enemy Parts[edit | edit source]

You must complete these Episode 1 Side Story quests in order to convert Enemy parts:

After completing these quests, start either Dr. Osto's Research or Unsealed Door and speak to Dr. Montague near the Principal's warp to convert your items.

Note that completing this quest will prevent you from selecting it again to convert other enemy weapons until you complete all other Side Story quests.

Enemy Counts[edit | edit source]

Mines 2
Enemy Count
Gillchic 27
Dubchic 13
Dubwitch 3
Canadine 15
Sinow Beat 3
Sinow Gold 2
Box Type Count
Mines 2
Box 40
Box (Armor) 2
Box (Monomate) 3
Box (Star Atomizer) 1
Box (Telepipe) 1
Box (Weapon) 3