Towards the Future

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Quest icon.pngTowards the Future
Episode 1
Category: VR
Client: Principal
Reward: Normal: 5000
Hard: 10000
Very Hard: 15000
Ultimate: 20000
Info: Challenge the new simulator.
Author: Sonic Team
Languages: English, Japanese
Total XP

5519 28576 65598 169728

4983 24439 52367 140475

Wishes to have hunters challenge the new simulator
- Quest description

Quest icon.pngTowards the Future is an Episode 1 quest that is colloquially known as a "boss rush." Players proceed through a short number of rooms in the areas Forest 2, Cave 3, Mine 2, and Ruins 3, fighting each area's respective boss to progress to the next area, ending in Dark Falz. Certain enemies in each area can be killed (sometimes after triggering their spawn via special conditions) to advance to the next room faster than if the room was otherwise cleared.

Towards the Future is an extremely popular quest as it offers quick access to every episode 1 boss (including being the fastest method of fighting Dark Falz for hunting Shield icon.pngRed Ring), large amounts of experience, and is easy to clear on a low level character if a higher level character is present to kill the bosses quickly. It is also popular for the room in Mine 2 that contains 12 Sinow Blues, which is commonly cleared fully rather than skipped, as they can drop Unit icon.pngV101 on certain section IDs.

Love Check[edit | edit source]

In Towards the Future, a party of two players (one male, one female) may speak to the FOmarl by the check room before beginning the quest to receive a Love Code, visible in their Quest Board. Once all of Forest is cleared, the players may press the terminal in the first room of Forest to activate the Love Check.

Once the Love Check is activated, the couple must defeat Dark Falz while staying very close to each other. Each second while near (within about 2 meters), the couple's love meter will grow slowly. While not nearby each other, however, it will deplete very rapidly. This meter is not visible on screen and can deplete to zero, ending the Love Check with no reward.

Upon returning to Pioneer 2 after defeating Dark Falz, the Love Check will end, and each player may visit the FOmarl again to obtain the item Accessories in their inventory. Accessories may be taken to a Lab assistant in Quest icon.pngRespective Tomorrow (considered the episode 2 "version" of Towards the Future) to trade for a Shield icon.pngGreen Ring.

Any number of Accessories can be obtained through repeat Love Checks per character, and on any difficulty. The trade for the Green Ring, however, can only be done once per character.

Striker of Chao[edit | edit source]

A Cane icon.pngStriker of Chao can be obtained in this quest if the player has a Cane icon.pngBranch of Pakupaku in their inventory.

Enter the Forest, then return to Pioneer 2 and go to the Medical Center to find a warp which will transport the player to the large waterfall room in Ruins 1. With at least one Branch of Pakupaku in the player's inventory, stand under the waterfall in the large room and remain standing there through a short sequence of dialogue boxes to have the Branch of Pakupaku turn into a Striker of Chao.

A Striker of Chao obtained this way will not have the stats of the Branch of Pakupaku consumed carried over in this process.

Enemy Counts[edit | edit source]

Forest 2
Enemy Count
Booma 12
Gobooma 6
Gigobooma 7
Savage Wolf 2
Barbarous Wolf 1
Rag Rappy 1
Hildebear 4
Cave 3
Enemy Count
Evil Shark 13
Pal Shark 5
Guil Shark 7
Poison Lily 13
Pofuilly Slime 5
Nano Dragon 5
Pan Arms 4
Mine 2
Enemy Count
Gillchic 26
Dubchic 1
Dubwitch 1
Canadine 24
Canane 1
Sinow Beat 12
Sinow Gold 2
Garanz 3
Ruins 3
Enemy Count
Dimenian 17
So Dimenian 4
Claw 14
Dark Belra 4
Chaos Sorcerer 2
Chaos Bringer 4
Enemy Count
Dragon 1
De Rol Le 1
Vol Opt 1
Dark Falz 1
Box Type Count Box Type Count
Forest 2 Under the Dome
Box 5 Box (Armor) 4
Box (Weapon) 4 Box (Tool) 4
Underground Channel Box (Weapon) 8
Box 4 Monitor Room
Box (Armor) 2 Box (Armor) 3
Box (Meseta) 1 Box (Meseta) 3
Box (Weapon) 2 Box (Tool) 7
Ruins 3 Box (Weapon) 3
Box 8 ????
Box (Armor) 5
Box (Meseta) 7
Box (Weapon) 12
Enemy Count Enemy Count Enemy Count Enemy Count
Booma 12 Evil Shark 13 Gillchic 26 Dimenian 17
Gobooma 6 Pal Shark 5 Dubchic 1 So Dimenian 4
Gigobooma 7 Guil Shark 7 Dubwitch 1 Claw 14
Savage Wolf 2 Poison Lily 13 Canadine 24 Dark Belra 4
Barbarous Wolf 1 Pofuilly Slime 5 Canane 1 Chaos Sorcerer 2
Rag Rappy 1 Nano Dragon 5 Sinow Beat 12 Chaos Bringer 4
Hildebear 4 Pan Arms 4 Sinow Gold 2
Garanz 3