Unsealed Door

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Quest icon.pngUnsealed Door
Episode 1
Category: Side Story
Client: Three scientists
Reward: 4000 Meseta
Info: We've unlocked Dr. Osto's report! I want to see what he uncovered!
Author: Sonic Team
Languages: English, Japanese
Prerequisites: Quest icon.pngSecret Delivery
Quest icon.pngDr. Osto's Research
Total XP

3924 13606 28632 74307

3688 12863 26099 67761

We want to see sample Beta772, mentioned in Dr. Osto's records.
- Quest description

Converting Enemy Parts[edit | edit source]

You must complete these Episode 1 Side Story quests in order to convert Enemy parts:

After completing these quests, start either Quest icon.pngDr. Osto's Research or Quest icon.pngUnsealed Door and speak to Dr. Montague near the Principal's warp to convert your items.

Note that completing this quest will prevent you from selecting it again to convert other enemy weapons until you complete all other Side Story quests.

Enemy Counts[edit | edit source]

Mine 2
Enemy Count
Gillchic 40
Dubchic 13
Dubwitch 3
Canadine 12
Sinow Beat 4
Sinow Gold 1
Mine 1
Enemy Count
Gillchic 57
Canadine 50
Canane 3
Sinow Beat 2
Sinow Gold 1
Enemy Count
Gillchic 97
Dubchic 13
Dubwitch 3
Canadine 62
Canane 3
Sinow Beat 6
Sinow Gold 2
De Rol Le 1
Enemy Count
De Rol Le 1
Box Type Count Box Type Count
Underground Channel Mine 1
Box 4 Box 43
Box (Meseta) 3 Box (Armor) 5
Box (Tool) 2 Box (Monomate) 1
Mine 2 Box (Moon Atomizer) 1
Box 36 Box (Star Atomizer) 1
Box (Armor) 2 Box (Telepipe) 1
Box (Monomate) 3 Box (Weapon) 4
Box (Star Atomizer) 1
Box (Telepipe) 1
Box (Weapon) 3

NPC party members[edit | edit source]

Class RAmar
Level 12
Weapon Gun icon.pngLockgun
Techniques None

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Mome will not participate during the fight against De Rol Le.
  • This quest has the player visit Mine 2 followed by Mine 1. Mine 1 will not be added to the desitinations for the teleporter on Pioneer 2.
    • Revisiting Mine 1 will require either making use of a Tool icon.pngTelepipe, the Ryuker.pngRyuker technique, or by reusing the Mine 1 teleporter found in Mine 2.