Claire's Deal 5

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Quest icon.pngClaire's Deal 5
Episode 4
Category: Shop
Client: Claire
Info: I'm a merchant who trades with Hunters. Come if you are interested!
Author: Sonic Team
Languages: English, Japanese
Total XP

3077 9305 17371 53205

3077 9305 17371 53205

I barter with hunters. If you have the items I'm looking for, I will give you new items never before seen on Ragol!
- Quest description

Claire's Deal 5 is a quest located in Episode 4, under the Shop category.

In this quest, players may trade sets of specific items to the client NPC, Claire, in exchange for other unique items.

Additionally, Dr. Montague may also be spoken to in this quest to exchange Tool icon.pngPhoton Crystals for the chance to add Hit % to Enemy weapons, but only after completing a prerequisite sidequest to unlock the feature.

Trades[edit | edit source]

Claire will offer the player the following trades after passing her test, which involves clearing out enemies in the Crater. Once a character has passed Claire's test, further trades can be made by replaying the quest in the same difficulty without having to repeat the test.

Any common weapons listed in italics cannot be available for purchase from the Arms Shop, and may be worth a player's while to look out for.

Item Offered Items Required
Unit icon.pngHP/Resurrection Unit icon.pngHP/Restorate
Unit icon.pngHP/Generate
Unit icon.pngHP/Revival
Sword icon.pngShock Saber
Sword icon.pngRiot Halbert
Sword icon.pngFlame Cutter
Unit icon.pngTP/Resurrection Unit icon.pngTP/Restorate
Unit icon.pngTP/Generate
Unit icon.pngTP/Revival
Cane icon.pngHeart Wand
Cane icon.pngDraw Mace
Gun icon.pngMaster's Autogun
Unit icon.pngPB/Increase Unit icon.pngPB/Amplifier
Unit icon.pngPB/Generate
Unit icon.pngPB/Create
Gun icon.pngShadow Sniper
Gun icon.pngCharge Vulcan
Gun icon.pngSeize Launcher
Unit icon.pngHeavenly/Technique Unit icon.pngWizard/Technique
Unit icon.pngDevil/Technique
Unit icon.pngGod/Technique
Sword icon.pngIce Sword
Sword icon.pngSoul Edge
Gun icon.pngDevil's Beam
Tool icon.pngBook of Katana 1 Sword icon.pngAgito (1977)
Sword icon.pngAgito (1980)
Sword icon.pngAgito (1983)
Sword icon.pngAgito (1991)
Sword icon.pngAgito (2001)
Tool icon.pngBook of Katana 2 Sword icon.pngMusashi
Sword icon.pngYamato
Sword icon.pngAsuka
Sword icon.pngSange
Sword icon.pngShichishito
Tool icon.pngBook of Katana 3 Sword icon.pngKusanagi
Shield icon.pngYata Mirror
Unit icon.pngYasakani Magatama
Frame icon.pngBlack Odoshi Domaru
Frame icon.pngRed Odoshi Domaru
Sword icon.pngTwo Kamui* Sword icon.pngKamui
Sword icon.pngKamui
Tool icon.pngBook of Katana 1
Tool icon.pngBook of Katana 2
Tool icon.pngBook of Katana 3
Cane icon.pngMercurius Rod Cane icon.pngCaduceus
Cane icon.pngBrave Hammer
Cane icon.pngGlide Divine
Cane icon.pngKing's Striker
Shield icon.pngGods Shield "Kouryu" Shield icon.pngGods Shield "Byakko"
Shield icon.pngGods Shield "Suzaku"
Shield icon.pngGods Shield "Genbu"
Shield icon.pngGods Shield "Seiryu"
Shield icon.pngFrom the Depths Shield icon.pngSecret Gear
Shield icon.pngFlowen's Shield
Shield icon.pngDF Shield
Shield icon.pngDe Rol Le Shield
Shield icon.pngAngel Ring Shield icon.pngSacred Guard
Shield icon.pngLight Relief
Tool icon.pngRappy's Wing
Tool icon.pngMagic Rock "Moola"
* Note: The trade for Sword icon.pngTwo Kamui may only be initiated while in a party by yourself, and can only be done once per character.

Adding Hit to enemy weapons[edit | edit source]

It is possible to add Hit % to enemy weapons (and only enemy weapons) despite the attribute not being eligible for increase through Paganini's Exchange in Quest icon.pngGallon's Shop. To add hit % to enemy weapons, a character must speak with Dr. Montague in the episode 4 quest Quest icon.pngClaire's Deal 5 after unlocking the feature through a sidequest present in the government quest Quest icon.png9-5:The Chosen (1/2).

Once the sidequest is completed, speaking to Dr. Montague in Claire's Deal 5 with an enemy weapon in the inventory will have him offer to further enhance the weapon through a process requiring Tool icon.pngPhoton Crystals. This process involves giving Dr. Montague an increasing number of Photon Crystals (starting with one) for a decreasing percentage chance (starting at 100%) of adding 10% more Hit to the weapon in question each time, to a maximum of 50.

Exchanging Photon Crystals
Cost Success Rate Total Hit
1 100% 10
2 80% 20
3 60% 30
4 40% 40
5 20% 50
Eligible Weapons
Sword icon.pngBooma's Claw
Sword icon.pngGobooma's Claw
Sword icon.pngGigobooma's Claw
Sword icon.pngRappy's Fan
Cane icon.pngHildebear's Cane
Cane icon.pngHildeblue's Cane
Sword icon.pngDragon's Claw
Sword icon.pngG-Assassin's Sabers
Sword icon.pngP-Arms' Blade
Sword icon.pngS-Beat's Blade
Sword icon.pngS-Red's Blade
Gun icon.pngBaranz Launcher
Sword icon.pngDelsaber's Buster
Gun icon.pngBelra Cannon
Cane icon.pngSorcerer's Cane
Gun icon.pngBringer's Rifle
Gun icon.pngGi Gue Bazooka
Sword icon.pngS-Berill's Hands #0
Sword icon.pngS-Berill's Hands #1
Cane icon.pngGal Wind

To unlock this option, the player must follow these steps:

  • Start the quest 9-5:The Chosen (1/2)
  • Proceed through the quest as normal until the large, circular crater room in Desert 1
  • In this room, all enemies must be defeated within five minutes of entering the room
  • If done successfully, a cutscene will play showing Dr. Montague appearing, who must be spoken to
  • Proceed to the end of the quest as normal, and speak to Dr. Montague a second time in the last room before heading back to Pioneer 2

Enemy Counts[edit | edit source]

Crater Interior
Enemy Count
Boota 18
Ze Boota 15
Ba Boota 17
Satellite Lizard 20
Sand Rappy 9
Zu 15
Astark 10
Dorphon 10
Box Type Count
Crater Interior
Box 22