Claire's Deal 5

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Quest icon.png Claire's Deal 5
Episode 4
Category: Shop
Client: Claire
Info: I'm a merchant who trades with Hunters. Come if you are interested!
Author: Sonic Team
Languages: English, Japanese
Total XP

3077 9305 17371 53205

3077 9305 17371 53205

I barter with hunters. If you have the items I'm looking for, I will give you new items never before seen on Ragol!
- Quest description

Trades[edit | edit source]

In Claire's Deal 5, players can make the following trades after passing Claire's test. Any italicized common weapons cannot be available for purchase from the Weapons Shop and may be worth a player's while to look out for.

Result Trade Components
HP/Resurrection HP/Restorate
Shock Saber
Riot Halbert
Flame Cutter
TP/Resurrection TP/Restorate
Heart Wand
Draw Mace
Master's Autogun
PB/Increase PB/Amplifier
Shadow Sniper
Charge Vulcan
Seize Launcher
Heavenly/Technique Wizard/Technique
Ice Sword
Soul Edge
Devil's Beam
Book of Katana 1 Agito (1977)
Agito (1980)
Agito (1983)
Agito (1991)
Agito (2001)
Book of Katana 2 Musashi
Book of Katana 3 Kusanagi
Yata Mirror
Yasakani Magatama
Black Odoshi Domaru
Red Odoshi Domaru
Two Kamui Kamui
Book of Katana 1
Book of Katana 2
Book of Katana 3
Mercurius Rod Caduceus
Brave Hammer
Glide Divine
King's Striker
God's Shield "Kouryu" God's Shield "Byakko"
God's Shield "Suzaku"
God's Shield "Genbu"
God's Shield "Seiryu"
From the Depths Secret Gear
Flowen's Shield
DF Shield
De Rol Le Shield
Angel Ring Sacred Guard
Light Relief
Rappy's Wing
Magic Rock "Moola"

Adding Hit to enemy weapons[edit | edit source]

Before adding Hit to enemy weapons, the government quest Quest icon.png9-5:The Chosen (1/2) must be completed. In this quest, both cutscenes with Dr. Montague must be triggered and he must be spoken to both times, once after clearing all enemies in the crater room in the Desert (all enemies must be cleared within 5 minutes of entering the room) and the second after returning to Pioneer 2 at the end of the quest.

Once this is completed, Montague can be spoken to in the quest Quest icon.pngClaire's Deal 5, and he will offer to add Hit to enemy weapons in exchange for Tool icon.pngPhoton Crystals. Enemy weapons with 0 Hit will require 1 Photon Crystal and have a guaranteed chance of adding 10 Hit. Beyond this, however, the number of Photon Crystals required will continue to increase while the likelihood of successfully adding Hit will decrease.

Exchanging Photon Crystals
Cost Success Rate Total Hit
1 100% 10
2 80% 20
3 60% 30
4 40% 40
5 20% 50

Eligible weapons[edit source]

Enemy Counts[edit | edit source]

Crater Interior
Enemy Count
Sand Rappy 9
Satellite Lizard 20
Boota 18
Ze Boota 15
Ba Boota 17
Zu 15
Astark 10
Dorphon 10
Box Type Count
Crater Interior
Box 22
Enemy Count
Sand Rappy 9
Satellite Lizard 20
Boota 18
Ze Boota 15
Ba Boota 17
Zu 15
Astark 10
Dorphon 10