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Daily Forecast (log/update)
21 May 2022
HUmr HUnl HUct HUcl
1% 1% 1% 0%
RAmr RAml RAct RAcl
1% 0% 1% 0%
FOmr FOml FOnm FOnl
3% / 2% 1% 5% / 3% 3% / 2%

Usage[edit source]

This template is currently semi-automatic, as it does not query the game server, and is meant to be updated daily after midnight UTC.
Currently, said updating is to be done indirectly through the Daily Forecast log transclusion.
Simply transclude the infobox onto the desired destination page by typing {{DailyForecast}}, for example at the Main Page.

Should the Daily Forecast read "(Not Updated)", please click "(log/update)" just above it for adjusting the day's forecast.