Christmas Event Shop

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Quest icon.png Christmas Event Shop
Episode 1
Category: Shop
Client: ???
Info: No information given.
Languages: English
Total XP

0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0

No description given.
- Quest description
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In the Quest icon.png Christmas Event Shop, you'll find 2 returning NPCs near the bank that you can trade your Tool icon.png Coal to. Why do they want Coal? Who knows, maybe you should ask them.

The Scavenger[edit | edit source]

The Scavenger outside the shop (XZ: -200, 110) seems incredibly interested in Tool icon.png Coal, believing that it has special properties and those who cast it aside as merely useless are simply imbeciles. For this, he'll give out common weapons with specials in exchange for Coal.

All weapons cost 1 Coal.

Color selection: Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow

  • Sword icon.pngGun icon.png Weapon types: Saber, Handgun, Dagger, Rifle, Slicer, Shot, Partisan, Mechgun
  • Special types: Berserk, Spirit, Charge, Gush, Geist, Arrest, Chaos, Demon's, Hell

All weapons obtained this way come with a minimum of 50 Hit, with chances at higher through the following table:

Color 55H 60H
Green 60% 30%
Blue 40% 20%
Purple 20% 10%
Red 10% 5%
Yellow 4% 1%

The Hunter[edit | edit source]

The Hunter near the bank (XZ: -310, -75) seems up to something. For what possible reason could he want Tool icon.png Coal? From The Hunter, you will be able to buy extra presents with your leftover Coal:

  • Common Present: 8 Coal
  • Ultimate Present: 40 Coal

Important NPCs Directory & Map[edit | edit source]

Christmas Event Shop Map.png
NPC Coordinates (XZ)
The Scavenger (-200, 110)
The Hunter (-310, -75)